Amber Mac's guide to travel technology that will save you money

Google Trips
app availale for ios + andriod - free

Google trips is the ultimate trip planner for organizing your vacation. The app simply gathers your travel information from your inbox and organizes it automagically (details like your reservations and confirmation numbers). You get personalized activity suggestions based off time, place and weather and it automatically maps out a half or full day of your trip with suggestions for things to see and do! If you aren’t happy with the suggestions you can tap the ‘magic wand’ which gives you a fresh set of nearby attractions The entire app is available offline so you can see your information wherever you are without your phone having to be connected to the internet

There is no app to download however snaptravel is used on apps that probably already exist on your phone now, like Facebook.
Bookings for 4/5 star hotels are completed over texting, Facebook messenger, or the chat app Slack.You simply open Facebook messenger, search for ‘snaptravel’ the same way you would look for a friend, click ‘get started’ and then you can begin booking!

Filter through thousands of hotels through a machine learning algorithim to present top hotel options that offer the best price, location, quality and overall value. They offer a low price guarentee with every booking and for every booking they make they will call a hotel the morning of to negotiate a free room upgrade

This is a community of local photographers that you can hire to capture your vacation in over 200 cities worldwide.
The Canadian based start up has over 350 global photographers so no matter where you go, finding someone to capture those special moments is a breeze.

You receive your photos within five business days via an online galley with download links to high resolution images. Prices start at $250 for a 30 minute shoot. This is ideal for people looking to get engaged abroad and capture the moment. the proposal packages they offer include a proposal planning video conference

App availale for ios + andriod, free

This is a digital journal of all your travels so you can look back on an interactive map. The app tracks you along your trip with a red line marking the routes that you take. You can add photos, videos and comments along the way during your route so it can be saved like a travel journal. All of this is combined onto a map that brings a unique illustration of your trip.

App availale for ios + andriod + windows store, free
also available online

If you want to familiarize yourself with the language before travelling duolingo is the perfect app for that. This app is a fun way to learn all the basics and keep yourself familiar with the vocabulary before your trip abroad.

It’s like a computer game. The app guides you through levels you need to complete before you can advance through and you gain experience and points along the way. The University of New York did a study that showed that 34 hours of using the app is equivalent to a university semester of a language class!

The chatbot feature helps users practice conversation wihtout fear or embarrassment that can come with speaking to people face to face when practicing a language. the more users interact with the bots the smarter they become