Why the jumpsuit should be your new go-to holiday party look

If you're hosting a holiday party this year, you definitely want to be dressed in style but comfy at the same time.  Stylist Mana Mansour has two lessons for a woman looking to dress in style at her next holiday party while being able to run around in flats. 


Jumpsuit, $169.95 via Le Chateau | Blazer, $169.95 via Le Chateau | Bag, $55 via Le Chateau | Shoes, $79.99 via DSW | Earrings, $14.99 via H&M | Belt, $49.95 via Le Chateau 

Also featured: Blazer, $675.49 via Nordstrom | Top, $49.99 via H&M | Pants, $689.42 via Nordstrom  |  Dress, Bardot via Nordstrom $179.67 | Earrings, H&M, $14.99  |  Gold Shoes, $180.99 via Nordstrom | Leopard print shoes, $76.98 via DSW | Black Flat, via $38 Topshop | Silver shoes, $69.99 via DSW, $69.99