Five things that everyone needs to eliminate from their closet

Spring has fully sprung, so if you're in the midst of turning over your closets for the season, it's a great time to purge unnessecary clothing. Mana Mansour is sharing a few of her best tips for making the process as easy as possible, and streamlining your closet one and for all!

Clone Clothing

So many of us have pieces that seem different when we buy them, only for us to get home from the store and realize you now have six versions of midi-length floral wrap dress. Chances are, you're not getting nearly as enough wear out of them as you should be.

Underwear and basics like tanks are excluded, but if you notice that you've got several of the same sweater or trousers, then it’s time to reevaluate, especially if you tend to favor one or two heavily above the others.

Try laying them all out side by side, so you can compare them, then pick your favorites from each group and hang them back in your closet —it’s okay to have a back-up or two, but anything more than that, especially ones you don’t favour as much, should be edited out.

Clothes you’ve only worn once (or never)

If you have pieces in your closet that you bought over a year ago and they still have the tags on, or if you’ve wore it only once but guilt is making you keep it, then it’s okay to say goodbye!

This also goes for pieces that you bought for a one-off occasion, like a costume party, or a wedding. If they are in good condition, then donate it to a charity organization or make some money and consign it.

House clothes

We all have these - the kind of stuff you wouldn't be caught dead in outside the house, but live in at home.  Worn out sweatpants, stained T-shirts, stretched out leggings with holes and so on.

What you wear has a profound effect on your mood and how you see yourself- you can still be comfortable but feel good about what you’re wearing.Instead, ditch the items that are worn out and disgusting and replace them with home clothes you are comfortable but still cute. Plus they can be double duty if and when you need to run out the door.

The 'other you' clothing

This includes anything that doesn't fit right now, or would fit if you were skinnier, curvier, taller, shorter. 

This is a tough one because we all have pieces that we love but that no longer fit. It’s important to be honest with where you are at now. Keeping these types of pieces creates more negative feelings than good. Not to mention, they take up important real estate in your closet that could be better used. Again, if they are in good shape, donate them or consign them

Clothing that is damaged beyond repair

Repairing and altering your clothing is always a great idea whenever it makes sense, but if an item has reached the end of its life then it's time to part with it. If those heels cannot be re-soled anymore, or if there’s a bad stain that is just not coming out, no matter how much you’ve tried, then it’s time to say goodbye as well. This also goes for tangled and discoloured costume jewelry.