How to choose the best clothing to either enhance or minimize your chest

Whether you big chested or on the smaller side, we can all use a little help putting 'the girls' in their best light. Of course a well-fitting bra is key, but there are a few fashion fixes you can make to help enhance or minimize whatever you're carrying with you.  


Wear V-necks, but make sure the neckline stops right at your cleavage. Also try scoop necks, boat necks, or sweetheart necks. The key is to make sure the neckline doesn't plunge too deep. Deep cut necklines draw attention to your breasts.

Don't wear anything with too many ruffles or flounces. Simplicity is key.

Also, try a monochromatic look, the clothes will blend, giving you a longer leaner shape, rather than a wide look, which is a must if you have larger breasts.

Find a jacket that has heavy, structured fabric that draws attention away from your breasts. When buying coats, go for a single-breasted style

Avoid long necklaces. They draw the eye downward and to your chest. Instead, opt for no necklace or a choker. Another great style is large, statement necklaces. Go for necklaces with multiple pieces or strands of beads/gemstones

If lapels on a blazer won't lie properly on your chest, or worse, not close, go for a lapel-free style. I love a cape as a unique option. The Black panels lie on the breasts, which is slimming, while the slits still show off sleeves.

Every woman with a shapely figure should cinch her waist. It's a move that accents the bust properly and fakes a pinup-like, hourglass frame instantly. A dark shade belt creates an inverted triangle, drawing the breasts in.

For the weekend, a wrap style dress is a busty beauty's best friend. The overlapping pieces create a (very flattering) V-neckline and accentuate the waist rather than the bust.


Don't be afraid of interesting necklines. Consider high collars, interesting asymmetrical necks, and crew necks to help your bust look bigger.

Layering is a fantastic way to show off your styling skills and add depth to your outfits. It’s especially relevant if you’re small chested. Those with bigger busts can’t always pull off multiple layers as it could result in looking bulky on top. However, a smaller bust is perfect to take advantage of a great multi-layered look.

Shirts with embellishments on the sleeve will also draw the eye away from your chest area

Horizontal stripes have a bad reputation when it comes to style, however, there are instances where you might not mind looking a little fuller in certain areas, namely your less-than-average sized chest.

High-waisted bottoms are not only on-trend, they help create the illusion of a fuller chest. It creates a similar silhouette as an empire waist would, which is another big yes if you’re trying to give your bust area a bit of extra oomph.

Mana made over three women who wanted some guidance when it came to dressing their chest, and we think they look incredible.



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