We gave two goal-getters a brand new look to match their incredible ambitions and career plans

As you tackle different stages of your life and collect new experiences under your belt, it's natural for your personality and taste to evolve. When we don't feel good about our appearance, it can become a roadblock to achieving our personal best. Two viewers wrote to us wanting new looks that would match their ambitions, career plans and personalities. Our incredible glam squad was thrilled to give Justine and Suzanne makeovers to help them feel confident so they can conquer their exciting goals in style.

Justine is a singer and songwriter who moved to Toronto from Sudbury to pursue her dreams. Throughout all of life's obstacles, music has been a staple in her life. She's been performing since she was young and started with folk-pop, however, she wants to make a transition to rock and alternative music. Justine feels outdated in her old clothes and is ready to take on 2020 with a fresh look, so we gave her an outfit that's the perfect mix of edgy and chic.

Justine's Lesson: Jacket; H&M, $59.99 | Vest; Rag & Bone via Winners, $134 | Dress; H&M, $29.99 | Boots; Zara, $50

Justine's Final Outfit: Hat; Le Chateau, $55 | Jacket; Guess, $198 | Skirt; Marciano for Guess, $198 | Shirt; H&M, $60 | Boots; Aldo, $140 | Earring; H&M, $15

Suzanne is a mom of three who used to work in the medical administration field. She eventually realized her passion for educating and decided to go back to college to pursue her interests. Currently, she supples in a child care centre and is planning on using the experience to focus on becoming a full-time kindergarten educator. She's excited to pursue a new career path, however, she wants her wardrobe to reflect that. She tends to wear very monochrome colours with basic jeans and would love to inject some colour as well as dressy elements so we gave her a look that's as fashionable as it is comfortable.

Suzanne's Lesson: Blouse; RW&co., $69 | Cardigan; Le Chateau, $89.95 | Pants; H&M, $34.99 | Shoes; Le Ch√Ęteau, $129.95 | Bag; Call it Spring, $50

Suzanne's Final Outfit: Necklace; RW&co., $25 | Earrings; RW&co., $19 | Shirt; H&M, $29.99 | Pants, RW&co., $69.90 | Shoes; Aldo, $70 | Bag; Call it Spring, $44.99 | Vest/ Long Dress; H&M, $40 | Neck Scarf, Ted Baker via Nordstrom, $67.95