How to get the most benefits out of your facial masks

We all know beauty bloggers and editors recommend going for a facial each season, but let's be real - few of us are actually able to commit to that. Instead, make the most of your skincare routine at home with at-home facial masks. Beauty writer Megan Munroe shares her tips for getting the best results out of even the cheapest masks. 

Step 1: Prep

If you don't prep your skin, you are wasting your time and money. Masks can not work effectively if you are apply one over top dead skin cells and old makeup.

  • Cleanse: First, you should cleanse your face. Choose a gentle cleanser and wash your face in warm water - this will help open your pores, which helps masks work more efficiently.
    The trick with cleansing is using a microfibre cloth to dry your face. The microfibre picks up any trace of make-up while offering a gentle exfoliation. You can also use an exfoliator as well.
  • Steam: After exfoliating, you must add some steam to open your pores. You can do this by taking a steamy shower or placing a hot wash cloth on your face. 


Step 2: Masks

Masks come in all sorts of varieties including sheet masks, wash-off masks, and peel off masks.


Step 3: Patience

Having patience may sound easy, but it is often the step not followed.
It is important to follow the instructions! If the mask says to leave on for 20 minutes - grab a good book, set a timer and wait. If you rush through a mask, your skin will not absorb all the benefits. But, if you leave a mask on too long, you may end up irritating your skin.

Some masks require you to wash them off immediately, but something like a sheet mask is infused with essence (like a potent serum) that needs to be massaged into your face once you remove the mask. If you wash this off, you lose out on some of the mask's benefits.