Three hair colour trends that have us booking appointments with our stylists ASAP

Whether you're starting a new job or just want to change things up, trying a new hair colour and style is a popular way to elevate your look. With beautiful browns, coppers and reds in style for fall, Hair Expert Sarah Amson helped give three viewers a hair makeover with the latest hair trends!


A huge trend this season is shifting your highlights from sun-bleached blonde to rich and glossy shades of brown. This look works on all skin tones and adds a warm autumn glow to your hair. A nice way to bring in a richer colour to your bleached out summer hair. 

If you're craving a hair change, you don't always have to go dramatic and bold. Otilia, who had virgin brown hair, was growing her hair out for her wedding. After returning from her honeymoon she was ready for something new! To dip her toes into the world of colour, we gave her soft and subtle golden highlights that work beautifully with her skin tone. The upkeep is fairly easy as she can get her toner refreshed every few months. With a curtain fringe with a modern bob to tie together the look, Otilia felt like a brand new woman. 


This trend sounds and looks delicious! Glossy chocolate-brown shades are especially beautiful this time of year, but also work all-year-round. Adding fine highlights mid-length and at the ends of your hair is a great way to achieve subtle touches of browns.

Cynthia, a mom of three, is going back to work next week after maternity leave and wanted a fresh change! To give her hair dimension while keeping it looking natural and healthy, we gave her caramel toned highlights. We used a popular technique called "shadow root" or "root smudge" to help bring her natural colour down into her highlights to create a seamless blend. This will grow out wonderfully without Cynthia having to worry about maintenance. To further frame her face and give her a dynamic change, we added layers and bags!


Mushroom is an interesting colour that can be thought of as a dirty brown that's not quite blonde, but not quite brown. The colour is somewhere in between with multi-tonal ashy shades and is a huge trend right now. When it comes to mushroom blonde, upkeep is essential! Every 6-8 weeks you should revisit your colourist to keep your cool tones.

The arrival of fall doesn't always mean that you need to go darker! Julie's hair lacked dimension and she wanted a fun change to match her bright personality. We decided to lighten up her hair and give her highlights around her face. As an active sports player, Julie wanted to still be able to tie her hair. By adding layers for movement, we were able to refresh her ends while still giving her a whole new look!