Move Over Contouring, The Newest Makeup Trends Are Here

Makeup artist Karen Malcolm-Pye talks about trending makeup techniques.

1. Sun Stripping
Some people think of this a bronzing the skin, but this is not quite the same.  It is a little different as you are applying the makeup at the top of the cheek sweeping at across the bridge of the nose and on the other cheek.  Giving a more central faced, sunkissed look.
What you will need for this and what I recommend is using a matte bronzer or blush, sticking to the pinky neutral or coppertone neutral colors.

Maybelline, Fit Me Blush, Medium Nude Light Nude
Maybelline, Fit Me Bronzer In Medium Bronze
Using a large or medium sized brush lightly brush the color over the top of the cheek bone, applying enough color you can see it on the skin.  Continue the application over the bridge of the nose and on to the other side of the face.  Stick to using powders, rather then creak or sticks.  Powder blends a lot easier and will allow you to achieve the look you would like a lot easier. 
2. Watercolouring
Often with eyeshadow application we need to apply several layers and a few products to get the impact we want. With watercoloring the color goes on stronger and much brighter your first application.  What watercoloing is, use water or a water spray to moisten your eyesshadow brush – and all you need is an eyeshadow, eyeshadow brush and water!


Jane Iredale, Crush Ice Dawn Or Forest, $27

Then dip your wet brush into the eyeshadow to collect color, apply the eyeshadow on your eyelid is the style you prefer.  The color will go on more intense and brighter than if you used the brush dry. Keep applying eye shadow with a wet brush (you may need to re-wet it), until you have the desired look.  I do recommend using a dry brush with the dry powder eyeshadow for blending the edges.  Also, this technique work best with eyeshadow that is not matte, best to be done with satin, illuminating or shimmery.
3. Chroming 

This one is a mix of two very popular trends, strobing and contouring. It is lots of fun and very easy to do. All you need is a good foundation that gives a glowy finish and an illuminating lipstick/or creme chubby stick.



Estee Lauder, Double Wear Nude In 2C1, 3N1, 2N1         

Smashbox, La Lights In Hollywood Highlight & Silver Lake Sunset

Ultimately we are highlighting parts of the face, including upper cheekbone, brow bone, eyelids, bow of the lip etc, or anywhere you would like to highlight. This one is fun as you can possibly use an item already in your makeup bag.  If you have a light, champagne like illuminating lipstick -  you can use this!  Start with adding a glowy foundation to your skin, to even out imperfections and give a flawless look.  Then the lipstick can be applied directly to the area of the face you want the highlight, then blend with your fingers. Voila!  You have incorporated a new trend into you makeup routine.  It’s that easy and can be good for all ages!