The best products to combat stressed-out skin

Stress can wreak havoc on our bodies and look. Makeup artist, Christine Cho shares her tips to combat the effects.

Dark circle under our eyes

When you have excess darkness, you can neutralize before concealing to ensure flawless complexion. Neutralizing / colour correcting sticks can be great if used correctly (opposite on colour wheel is what neutralizes, so green stick to cover redness; orange/peach to cover blueness; yellow to cover purple etc..).
Generally speaking, shade under eyes should be slightly lighter than rest of face to add brightness.

Tip: make sure under eye area is well moisturized at all times, particularly before applying under eye makeup (try adding an eye serum into routine before makeup) – why?
Applying a tiny bit of eye base or primer under eye also helps diminish creasing from use of high pigment concealers.
Try: Maybelline Master Camo Color Correcting Pens, 11.99 available at mass retailers


Good skincare routine is key, no matter your genetics and lifestyle. There's no actual miracle cream, but protecting skin from sun and environment is important and of course treating damage already done with products can help.
Try facial mists before and after makeup to help plump/hydrate face. Hydration is crucial as dehydration/dry skin accentuates deepness and appearance of lines. Products that moisturize and plump skin help minimize appearance of wrinkles.

Try: Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE® City Smart Broad Spectrum Hydrating Shield, $85, available at Hudson’s Bay, London Drugs and Shoppers Drug Mart.
Lierac Hydragenist Morning Moisturizing Mist, $45, available at Lierac


Look for good quality foundations and concealers that don't irritate the skin while providing great coverage.
You want to do is stipple (push/dab on makeup) instead of spread/smear - this allows product to stay concentrated and stay put where you need it.
Tip: use a smaller brush for specific areas (like pimples, scars etc.) And larger blending brush for larger face areas. You can also mix a high pigment concealer into your regular foundation for extra coverage on days when you need it.
Try:Dermablend Professional Cover Crème, $39, available at Dermablend

Thinning hair

Thinning hair is most effectively combatted on multiple levels. Taking biotin and natural supplements can help, along with thickening shampoo & conditioner and styling products that thicken.
In a pinch, you can use a brow powder or matte/natural eyeshadow on thinner areas of scalp to make those areas look fuller.
Try: JOICO Tint Shot Root Concealers, $19.95, available at Joico