Natural anti-aging techniques that actually work

Searching through hundreds of products at Sephora isn't ideal when you're trying to find the perfect solution for anti-aging. The truth is that there isn't just one answer, but Naturopath Olinca Trejo has shared natural ways that you can tone and strengthen your face muscles while improving fullness and volume. 


There are a few different exercises you can try when it comes to facial yoga, all from the comfort of your home! By doing these exercises consistently, you can help tone and grow the muscles in your face and even help naturally boost your collagen production!

The first exercise you can try is called The Cheek Lifter. The main goal of this exercise is to lift your cheeks in order to emphasis your cheekbone shape. To do this exercise, simply open your mouth and form a long "O" shape with your lips, then fold your upper lip over your front teeth. 

The Jaw and Neck Firmer is an exercise aimed at strengthening the muscle around and under your chin in order to tone saggy cheeks. It can also help strengthen your jawline while making chin wrinkles diminish!

To tone and tighten the upper portion of your face, The Temple Developer is the perfect exercise. Press your fingers lightly on your temples with a closed jaw, clench your teeth together and move your chin up. As you clench your teeth together, put tension . Lastly, move your jaw slightly to clench your back teeth for 10 seconds and repeat the steps 3 times.


Similar to medial cupping, facial cupping uses suction to pull muscles and promote circulation. Thankfully with facial cupping, the gliding motion of the cups prevents any type of bruising! There are many benefits to this procedure, such as increased blood flow to your skin's surface, collagen stimulation, elastin production, plumper and brighter skin and reducing scarring. 


This exercise is more commonly known as jade rolling and can boost tissue blood circulation, refuce puffiness, encourage lymphatic function and help relieve tension in your face muscles. After cleansing, exfoliating and applying facial oil, you can gently roll a facial roller on each side of your face using light pressure.  

Another noteable tool is a Gua Sha, which has been used for thousands of years to help stimulate blood flow, release toxins and relieve injured muscles.