Summer Beauty Tips To For Flawless, Melt-Proof Makeup

Beat the heat with Karen’s Malcolm Pye’s makeup tips to keep you looking fresh in the summer!

Tip 1: Apply Zinc Based Sunscreen 
We forget about our skin, did you know that SPF in sunscreens and foundations only last for a short time during the day. Change up your sun protection to one with zinc. Not only will this sun protection last all day without reapplying, you can also use it as a primer to your makeup. You can either put it on before your foundation or mix it into your foundation. Remember you makeup is as good as the skin you put it on!
Revoderm, Immuvex Organic Mineral Sunscreen, $49.50 
Tip 2: Place A Cheek Stain Under Your Foundation 
A powder blush gives you that colour you need but using a stain is long lasting, lightweight and it gives you that glow rather than looking like you have too much on. After you have put your sunscreen on you let it sit then apply stain on apple of cheeks and then blend out around it so it’s not too pigmented. Make sure you work quickly and blend edges well. Do you want to increase the wear? Let the stain sit and put foundation on top you can get colour from the inside out.
Benefit Cosmetics, Benetint Cheek Stain, $39.00
Tip 3: Switch To Silicone
For foundation change up your heavy powders or creams and look for a silicone based formula. Silicone acts as a film between your skin and humidity, so help from the makeup sliding off your face.
Covergirl, Trublend Liquid Makeup, $13.99
Tip 4: Try An Eyeshodow Stick
Move from eyeshadow powders that can crease and not last all day.  Try a long wear shadow stick instead. The formula is waterproof and smudge-proof, so it will stay all day. You don’t even have to apply too much; less is more in the summer. It’s just enough product to give your eyes that pop they need without being too much. Choose from dark colors to soft illuminated shades for a variety of summer looks.
NYX, Infinite Shadow Stick, $11.00
Tip 5: Avoid Sticky Or Heavy Lip Products
Avoid sticky or heavy lip glosses or lip sticks when it’s hot out. Lip color is something we have to touch up all day, so opt for a long wearing product like a liquid lipstick. This will glide on but it leaves a thin but opaque/matte colour for you perfect summer look and it lasts all day.
Kat Von D, Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, $24.00