The best men's skincare products that they'll actually use

If your parter is constantly trying to use yuor skincare, now is the time to treat your man to the ultimate skincare regim! Editor-at-Large for Sharp Magazine, Jeremy Freed has all the skincare products that any man will love no matter the occasion. 

Men Expert Hydra Energetic Boosting Moisturizer

A skincare step that men often forget about is moisturizing! This moisturizer will give your skin an energy boost and make you feel instantly awake in the morning. Plus it'll get rid of dryness and full absorb into the skin. 

$15.99 via L'Oreal 

Rescue Beard and Face Ointment

If your man has a beard, a beard treatment is essential! This product also doubles as a face ointment. It's made of a vareity of natural oils that are sure to hydrate and soften your skin/beard. Plus it smells like pine and cedar wood! 

$48 via Harlow Skin Co. 

LUNA 2 for Men 

Add some tech into your skincare routine with this facial cleansing brush! It'll clean your face much better than your fingers can. Add your regular cleanser to the brush and let it do its work. You'll notice yourself having smoother and more purified skin. 

$229 via Shoppers Drug Mart

Control Spot Treatment

Everybody gets acne (yes even men). The gel formula of this spot treatment will instantly dry out a pimple, but not the surrounding skin. It's also transparent so you can wear the treatment before bed or during the day without anyone knowing you're trying to fight off a pimple. 

$23 via Aesop