Five easy beauty hacks that save you time and money

Makeup trends can come and go in a blink of an eye - so constantly trying to keep up can be extremely costly. The latest trend that is not going anywhere is dewy, radiant skin. Gone are the days of a completely matte, powdery face.

To achieve this flattering look using products you probably already own is fast and easy. Taking your matte foundation, simply mix in two drops of your favourite face oil.  Not only will this add a boost of hydration to your face, the oil helps thin out the texture of your foundation

Dewy foundation DIY

How to: Add a drop of face oil to your matte foundation for a dewy finish

  • Using a pump foundation, pump one portion of foundation onto the glass mixing plate
  • Using a the face oil dropper, drop one drop of oil into the foundation
  • Mix the foundation and oil together using a flat foundation brush

DIY Highlighter

The next fast and affordable way to create a dewy, radiant glow to your skin is to create your own cream highlighter. Powder highlighters can sometimes look like they are sitting on top of the skin and we want to have that ‘lit from within’ look which is so on trend right now.

What you’ll need is coconut oil, any type of pure coconut oil will work, I like to use organic oil. Take a small scoop of coconut oil and blend it with your powder highlighter - once blended, you can save the mixture for later in one of these clear containers. This transforms the powder to a creamy product that when applied to your face with a beauty blender or your fingers creates a beautiful dewy glow. The key is to use fine-milled highlighting powder

How to: Mix in coconut oil with your powder highlighter to make it creamy and dewy

  • Scoop out a small portion of coconut oil into the small glass bowl
  • Using the end of the mixing spatula, scoop in a small amount of highlighting powder
  • Mix the powder and oil together in the bowl using the end of the spatula

Metallic Lips

This next hack is really fun - metallic lips are all over Instagram right now. Something fun to try, but with this hack you don’t have to make a long-term commitment to the look.

Take your current favourite liquid matte lipstick, I find a red colour works great and add in a few drops of liquid illuminator, this creates a beautiful metallic sheen. To kick it up further, you can take your favourite powder pigment and tap it over top of the lip. It’s great to use a loose pigment, if you have one, as they are so light-weight your lips won’t feel cakey - you can also use a brick highlighter.

How to:

  • Mix in a drop of liquid illuminator with a matte lipstick to create a metallic lip - which is a hot, new trend. Tap a metallic loose powder shadow over top for an extra pop
  • In a glass bowl, portion a few applicators full of matte lip product
  • Drop in one drop of liquid illuminator
  • Mix together using a spatula and showcase a swatch of the new, metallic colour on the back of my hand
  • Showcase how to press the illuminating powder over top of the lip using the small shadow brush dipped into the loose powder and tapped onto the top of my hand for effect

DIY Nail Art

Instead of spending the extra time and money to get your nails done at the salon, you can easily achieve trendy nail looks at home using a toothpick

Another fun way to add patterns and shapes to your at home manicure is to use toothpicks

Dip the end of the toothpick into the polish container to create straight lines or shapes. And with flossers, you can do the same - just run the nail polish brush along the string of the flosser and use the string to create fun textures and patterns quickly and affordably.

How To:

  • Using a nail polish bottle, take the brush out and show how to apply nail colour to a toothpick first, making small lines on already painted nails (in a contrasting colour)
  • Then, applying nail polish to a flosser, dab off the excess polish on a paper towel and show how to make lines and patterns on an already painted nail (in a contrasting colour)

Travel eye shadow hack

Save on packing space by loading up a q-tip with your favourite eyeshadow and popping into plastic bag for application the next day

We're all trying to cram as many beauty products as you can into your carry-on allowance bag. This can cause products to break, or you have to forego larger products, like eyeshadow palettes, because they simply won’t fit.

A great trick is to load up a few Q-Tips with your favourite eye shadow colours and pop them into a snack-size ziplock bag. They are perfect for single use application and you can toss them when you’re done. This saves you the space of packing your eyeshadow brushes as well as the Q-Tip acts as your applicator! This trick is also great for your gym bag.

How to:  

  • Taking one Q-Tip, rub into a dark shadow and a light shadow - so both ends have shadow product on them
  • Pop into a snack-size Ziplock bag, seal the bag, and roll it up to showcase how little space it takes up.