How to take care of your bras so they last longer

Step 1: Hand wash

  • Bras are delicate so make sure you take care of them! Bras are made of elastic and stretchy material. For example, this SAMPLE BRA is a client favorite but it’s made of super fine mesh; you have to protect that soft material to help that bra last longer.
  • Wash about every three wears (unless you have a sweaty day, or it’s a sports bra, then each wear).
  • Using the right detergent is really important to help the elastic stay stretchy! I use Soak because it’s gentle - it’s like “skincare for your laundry”, and it smells great.
  • Hand washing is way better for bras and delicates. Machine washing can cause underwires to pop. If you must use the machine, hook the backs, use a delicates bag, and use the same gentle soap.
  • Use a basin, a bucket or sink. Soak for 15 min with like colors, rub and rinse.
  • Tips: use the basin as a delicates hamper; take off rings to prevent any snagging and separate light and dark colors just like regular clothes.

Step 2: Air dry

  • Dryers can scorch material and ruin your bra. Dryers are death to a bra!
  • Pat out the excess water. Use a towel to squeeze out water but do not wring or warp the cup! You can ball up the towel and gently press it
  • Hang by the center gore not the strap or band (hanging a wet bra that way would stretch it out)

Step 3: Store properly

  • Never fold one molded cup (like this SAMPLE BRA) into the other! Though this is a popular method, it’s totally wrong!  You’ll dent that cup and create a crease that will show in your clothes.
  • Stack bras one behind the other like these sample bras to keep the cups puffed up
  • Use a drawer or a box in your home to create space so they don’t get crushed
  • When traveling, use a case or roll up socks/tank tops to help molded cups keep their shape


Step 4: Put them on properly 

  • Avoid the “crush and flip”. This ruins your bra cup and will cause popping and bent/broken underwires!
  • Ideal: straps first, bust in, hook in the back
  • Alternate option: with the cups facing up, hook on your side and swirl around gently
  • In general: Be gentle! Bras are delicate.

Step 5: Rotate wear

  • Do not wear the same bra two days in a row - let the elastic relax or you’ll stretch it out
  • Buy multiples of a favorite so you’re not tempted to wear it over and over again.
  • I highly suggest having 5-7 great bras in your wardrobe.