Are you boring in the bedroom? Take our test to find out!

Sexologist Jessica O'Reilly quizes us on senarios that are either wild or mild. Find out where you rank when it comes to adventures in the bedroom!
Making out at the movies
Most couples stop making out at the movies once they turn sixteen, but for many couples, forcing themselves to return to this teenage habit can help to remind them of a younger, carefree version of themselves. Just because it’s mild/common doesn’t mean you should’t do it. 
Sex outdoors
This is more common that you might think with a nationally representative study finding that 57% of us have done it. And 8% of Canadians say they’ve gotten frisky in a canoe!
Watching adult movies
70% of men and around 50% of women believe adult movies are acceptable for people in relationships. This may be mild but research shows that it does wonders for your sex lives. 
Sending naughty emails at work
More than half of us check personal emails on work time and even more (81%) check work emails during personal time, but sending sexy emails from a work computer is definitely a bad idea - evidence that being WILD isn’t always a good idea.. 28% of employers have fired employees for email misuse & 65% monitor your internet connections.
Flirting with someone other than your partner (with their permission)
This is a tricky one, but in the right circumstances flirtation can be good for your relationship. Flirtation is a natural, evolutionary behaviour and it doesn’t need to be sexual - often it’s just about charm and attraction. Learning to flirt safely may be the key to taking the monotony out of monogamy.
Foreplay in the fitting rooms or public washrooms
One survey found that 22% have hooked up in a public washroom, but I’m going to take a pass based on germs alone.