How to write the perfect response to those flaky dating texts every time

Dating Expert Matthew Hussey shares his on how to respond to flaky texts!
Three Annoying Texts That Flaky Guys Send
Text: “hey.”
Respond with: “Hey!”
This is his ‘entertain me’ text.  Don’t invest more than he did so just text him back the same thing but with an exclamation mark (a little more passion!).   Then let him take the lead.  Do not text him again.
Text: “Miss you.”
Respond with: “That’s so sweet, thanks!”
Don’t say ‘I miss you too!’  Take the validation, but do not give him back what he wants when he put in such minimal effort.
Text: “Hey, I’ve been thinking about you.”
Respond with: “Well duh”
This is the guy who decided to go off the radar and then is going to come back and control the narrative because he feels like it.  Take control of the narrative.  ‘Well duh” is certain, confident and cheeky.  It teases him and puts you in the position of controlling his emotions instead of it being the other way around.
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