The five most incredible train journeys that need to be added to your bucket list

When we think of traveling we don't often think about trains. Rail travel is a great way to get around while also looking at the scenery all around you. Host of Discovery's Mighty TrainsTeddy Wilson shared his top five must-see train routes that attract luxury and adventurous travellers alike!

The Rocky Mountaineer - Canada 

This train takes travelers through the heart of the Canadian rockies. It's a double-decker train car with a massive wrap around panorma windows so you can see all the breathtaking scenery. You'll also be able to see and experience the 'spiral tunnels' - they are giant tunnels that corkscrew upward inside two mountains in area called the "Kicking House Pass" in British Columbia. The two expeditions that you can choose from are from Vancouver to Banff or Jasper to Vancouver.

The Maharajas Express - India 

This spectacular 8 day train trip will take you from Delhi in the north across a large swath of the country all the way to Mumbai. You'll even be  treated like indian royalty, it’s a high style expedition unlike any other rail journey on earth. A big part of the journet is going on off-board excursions. Getting to spend time in cities like Delhi, Jaipur (The Pink City), Jodhpur (The Blue City), Agra (You can see the Taj Mahal), and Udaipur. A special excursion visit you can go to is also The Rat Temple. It's a religious temple dedicated to the life of a Hindu sage warrior named Karni Mata - the temple is home to 20,000 rats!

Tren Crucero - Ecuador

The Tren Curcero, also known as "the train to the clouds" is a 4 day trip across the entire country, from the port city of Guayaquil near the pacific ocean up to the nation’s capital, Quito. Passengers are treated to a gorgeous train interior, gourmet food, and a fantastic open-air viewing platform at the back of the train which is perfect to see the views of Ecuador. Tren Crucero also makes dizzying ascents high up massive Andes Mountains into the Andes Highlands - a must-see for everyone! 

Ave103 - Spain

This phenomenal high-speed train connects Spain’s two largest cities, Madrid and Barcelona. The Ave103 has become so popular that its stolen large chunks of revenue away from airlines in the country, as business-people and tourists are increasingly opting for the speed & comfort. The name of the trains means speed you'll be able to see the beautiful sights of Spain from the sleek and beautifully designed cabins of this Spanish rail. 

Hector Rail - Sweden 

Sweden is actually the third largest exporter of pulp & paper in the world, so this train carries over a million tons of lumber annually to pulp mills on the other side of the country. The trains give viewers a full 360 degree view of the loggers in the forests amd views of the giant lumber yards. What's even cooler about this train is that the train drivers are alone the entire ride. The driver’s can operate the locomotives from outside the train using a  remote control. Technology at its finest!