Twelve products you need for your next camping trip

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With summer in full fledge, you might be eager to pack up your van and head on an outdoor adventure. If you love a weekend in the woods as much as we do, these steps are a great guide to ensuring you have a fun-filled time no matter where you set up camp! With the help of Outdoor Expert Owen Reeves, we've outlined twelve products that you should get your hands on before hitting the road.


Having the perfect tent that best suits your needs is a crucial part of camping! Whether you're bringing along your family or a small group of friends, the MEC 4-Person Cabin Tent is all you'll ever need. Not only is it lightweight with a waterproof coating, but it also is a rugged shelter for unexpected stormy weather conditions. 

Once your tent is up, you'll want a comfortable place to relax throughout the day and into the evening. The MEC Ultra Lite Chair is our favourite pick! It's super compact, making it easy to toss into the car and bring along. Best of all, it's easy to clean and has a strong frame that can support up to 113KG!

Featured: 4-Person Cabin Tent; MEC, $489.95 | Ultra Lite Chair; MEC, $79.95


Though having a cozy sleeping area is arguably the most important part of a camping trip, having the right gear is equally necessary. When it comes to daypacks, the options are endless and it can be hard to pick just one. The Trail 24 Daypack is everything you'll need for an adventure! From comfortable padded shoulder straps to the spacious main compartment, this pack is able to carry 24 litres of heavy stuff without putting strain on your back. 

We all know how frustrating it is to come home with numerous mosquito bites after a weekend away, which is why No Fly Zone Clothing is the best thing you can bring along with you. It's the first ever mosquito repellant clothing available in Canada! A plus is that the materials used are odourless and not harmful to the ecosystem.

Featured: Trail 24 Daypack; MEC, $44.95 | No Fly Zone Clothing; Mark's 


And speaking of keeping bugs away, The Executioner is an electric bug zapper that you can use around your campsite to help repel and zap mosquitos. When heading to bed you keep it nearby to ensure that your tent stays bug-free. 

Featured: Executioner Bug Zapper; SAIL, $14.99


If you're an adventurer that wanders beyond cell coverage, it's always a good idea to have a way to communicate with family or call help in an emergency situation. The Spot Gen3 Satellite GPS Messenger Beacon will help you do just that! As a multi-purpose communicator, it has motion-activated tracking and an SOS function to notify emergency services of your location. 

On a less serious note, having enough water is key and once you get a reusable bottle, you'll never go back! The Lifestraw Go Water Filter Bottle is BPA-Free and filters water while drinking. It's the perfect bottle for backpacking, camping and travelling in general. 

Featured: Spot Gen3 Satellite GPS Messenger Beacon; MEC, $169.95 | Lifestraw Go Water Filter Bottle 2 Pack; Amazon, $95.19


Let's face it, no camping trip is complete without yummy food. And while s'mores are a crowd favourite, we also need full meals to get lots of energy for outdoor activities! The Biolite Camp Stove will help make cooking tasks a lot easier. The wood-powered stove comes in a bundle that includes the kettlepot and the grill, which opens the doors to a whole bunch of food options. 

The perfect addition to a portable stove is the Yeti Cooler & Drinkware. It will keep all your drinks as cold or as hot as you need! If your kids have a sweet tooth, bringing along the UCO Softshell Ice Cream Ball is a must. It only requires simple ingredients, takes around 20 minutes and creates delicious home-made ice cream. Aside from a camping adventure, you can also use this for birthday parties or barbeques! 

One of the best parts of a camping trip is sitting by the fire roasting marshmellows and the Fire Fishing Pole is far better than any wood stick from a nearby forest! It's unique shape and fun ‘flipping’ action is great for kids. You can even use it roast hotdogs or anything else you can fit on it.

Featured: Hopper Flip 12 Personal Cooler; YETI, $329.99 | UCO Softshell Ice Cream Ball; MEC, $39 | Fire Fishing Pole; SAIL, $24.99