The hottest winter vacation spots that celebs love

As the cold weather continues (and continues and continues) we all start dreaming of a tropical getaway to cure our winter blues. No one finds travel hot spots better than celebs, who seem to discover everything amazing before the rest of us. And while we may not be able to travel exactly like the stars, we can at least follow pretty closely in their footsteps!


Average February temperature: 20 degrees

Winter is the perfect time to go to texas for someone who likes to be warm but isn’t a fan of hot heat or humidity. You’re looking at cooler nights (around 10 degrees) and spring-like days around 20 degrees. There are so many places you could visit in Texas: Dallas, Austin, Houston. One of my favourite parts of texas is the San Antonio area. It has an incredible riverwalk, the pearl district is super trendy with great bars, restaurants, shopping, a hip hotel called hotel emma, and more. The city just celebrated its 300th birthday last year, so it’s rich in history and culture too. Just an hour's drive outside of san antonio is Fredericksburg, a small town in hill country where you can rent a sunday house (like a little cottage), hit up a ranch, or just relax and move at a very slow pace.

Celebrity factor: Sandra Bullock had called Austin home for quite a while, Matthew McConaughey hails from Texas Hill Country and the hottest couple on the planet right now, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, have visited Dallas where Nick was actually born. 

Hot tip: Did you know Texas has incredible wine? It's true! It’s all in Texas Hill Country near Fredericksburg, so you can be sipping on a crisp rosé in the middle of February in 20-degree heat. 


Average February temperature: 22 degrees

There are reasons why snowbirds flock to Arizona every winter - the weather is perfect, the sun is out and you’re so close to incredible sights. You can make Phoenix or Scottsdale your home base for a vacation where you get the mix of nightlife, chic hotels (the Four Seasons Troon North and the Fairmont are classics), pool parties (the Hotel Valley Ho has some of the best, as does the W Hotel). Plus you have nature with incredible hiking along the red rocks and golfing. Or you can do a drive up to Sedona where the rocks are really impressive and take in the canyons. It also happens to be one of the most instagrammed spots in the state, so get your poses ready!

Celebrity factor: Black Panther star Lupita Nyong'o spent some quality downtime in Sedona recently and Reese Witherspoon went on a girls’ trip through the canyons as well!

Hot tip: Want to go to the sunniest spot in North America? Hit up Yuma, Arizona. They experience sunshine 90% of the year! So if you’re in need of a serious dose of vitamin d, you know where to go!

Mexico City

Average February temperature: 26 degrees

Mexico is such a hot spot for canadians and celebrities alike during the winter months, but so many go to the coasts--Cancun, Tulum, Cabo. Let’s just say you’re not a beach person but still want some heat, this is where Mexico City comes in! Mexico City has such strong film ties. The Oscar-nominated film roma was set in Mexico City, and did you know that thanks to the Bond movie Spectre with Daniel Craig, they now have a Day of the Dead parade? With 22 million people, Mexico City is sprawling, but as a tourist you don’t want to miss the neighbourhood of Coyoacán, where you’ll find amazing Mexican coffee shops and Frida Kahlo's house, the historical center of the city, and try venturing outside the city to the pyramids of Teotihuacan. If you’re a foodie, even better, because Mexico City is one of the world’s best food spots.

The celebrity factor: Salma Hayek loves spending time in this city, and with the recent movie buzz thanks to Roma, celebrities will be visiting this city more and more. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and George Clooney love Mexico in general, because there's absolutely nothing not to love about it.

Hot tip: If you like heat and spice, you can’t go wrong with Mexico City and trying out their hundreds of different types of chillies! Their restaurant scene is absolutely booming with innovative and exciting menus. 

Puerto Rico

Average February temperature: 28

Not only is Puerto Rico open for business again after the hardships from hurricane Maria in 2017, but it is booming, and the new york times named it the number one spot to visit in 2019. Most hotels and resorts are open and offering great rates. You can spend time in the historic, old part of San Juan, visiting their colourful streets, seeing that famous Harbour Fort. And Puerto Rico has some of the best beaches you can find in the Caribbean--Flamenco Beach for diving and snorkeling, Vieques for the bioluminescent bay, and so many others right next to San Juan. 

Celebrity factor: Celebrities are showing their support for Puerto Rico in spades. The Dorado beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve opened in 2017 and stars like Uma Thurman, Martha Stewart and Mariska Hargitay have been flocking there. And if you hurry you can catch Lin-Manuel Miranda’s brilliant production of Hamilton in San Juan until the end of February.

Hot Tip: The feel-good element of visiting Puerto Rico right now is worth it. You’re really helping boost their economy after such a hard time. Try to get off the hotel property or resorts--there are organizations that you can volunteer with for a few days (like Para La Naturaleza), but even venturing outside of San Juan and asking for some local recommendations for coffee shops, restaurants or hidden gems can not only give you a cooler vacation, but really help out the economy. 


Average February temperature: 28 (plus a high humidity!)

If you love hot heat and humidity, Australia is for you! With our winter months actually being summer in Australia, you can be pretty much guaranteed that you will not only be in sunshine, but in hot, hot heat. Australia is a big country, so picking a spot or two to spend your time in is best. Perth in western Australia made many “top places to visit in 2019” lists and is the most remote major city in the world. It also happens to be next to deserts, those incredible red rock formations and some spectacular beaches. Sydney is also an amazing city to visit--you’re close to Bondi Beach, it’s easier to get to with flights from Vancouver and it has the perfect mix of a big-city vibe next to some amazing beaches.

Celebrity factor: Let’s not forget the Hemsworth brothers are from Australia! And Hugh Jackman too, all of whom make regular trips back home. But celebrities like Kelsea Ballerini, Cardi b and Olivia Culpo have also spent some downtime down under. It’s also such a hot spot for filming, so you never know who you might see around the beach.

Hot tip: Australia is going to be booming thanks to a certain royal couple who brought a lot of attention to the country in the fall. Track Harry and Meghan’s royal tour in Australia as they hit up all the major spots in sydney, Melbourne and Dubbo.