Smart ways to save money on summer activities

Extreme couponing mom, Aimee Geroux shares her best advice ahead of the summer to have some money to splurge on a weekend family getaway.

The seaon's pass is actually worth it
Many amusement parks now offer easy no interest payment plans for their season passes.
An initial payment for a full family pass was the monthly amount plus all the taxes for passes upfront (about $90). The remaining 5 months you pay off the balance, which should be in the $45 range.  This takes away the sting of the full pass cost upfront at once with an affordable monthly cost, and if you plan to go more than 2 or 3 times, you've already made it worth your while. 

Bowling is even more fun when it's free
Did you know that you can register your kids to bowl free all summer long at participating bowling alleys in your area? Perfect for those rainy days! Simply register at Kids Bowl Free and your children will receive two free games of bowling every day, all summer long. For any bowling-loving family, this is HUGE savings. You can also add on a family pass for a small fee ($24.95) to allow up to 4 adults to also get 2 free games per day with the kids.

Hot tip: When registering, once you get to the family pass page hit No Thanks first as you will instantly be offered a 25% discount on the family pass making it even less!
I just signed my girls and my sister’s three children up at my local alley as they visit us often in the summer. I added on the family pass including myself, my partner, sister and my mother as the 4 adults so we can enjoy bowling with the kids this summer!

Catch a cheap flick (and bring your own snacks)
Many theatres offer special movie days where you can watch a family friendly movie for less than $4 per person. Go the extra step and save further by packing a few snacks and drinks, and then buy a large popcorn to share. Grab some paper bags from the dollar store to bring along to divide up the popcorn. 

Take the time to look for discounts and coupons
You can find great summer fun discounts on daily & group buy deal sites. Also here in Ontario we have the Attractions Ontario website which has an array of discounts and coupons for all types of activities. You can find great deals on your favourite places to visit & explore some new ones too! These sites exisit for most other provinces as well - check with your local tourism board.