How to tackle three big financial problems you might run into

Money is tough topic and everyone has different plans on how they handle their finances through life. Personal finance educator Kelley Keehn is here to discuss the three different financial selves you'll encounter in life and what you can do during each one to help your future self. 

Past -The debt you carry

A lot of people can often feel stressed and embarrassed when it comes to debt. There's always hope is the first step is to have a plan. Head to the Government of Canada's website where you can help a ton of helpful tools and financial calculators for free! Keep in mind that even if you're paying $5-10 a day towards your debt everyday, it's better than nothing and you're one step closer to paying it off!

Present - Enjoying your money

In order to keep track of your current spending, look over your finances at the end of every month to see where you're at. How much are you paying for insurance? Are you over paying for your cell and internet, how much are you paying in bank fees? Total up everything you and your family spent and put them into categories. Where can you cut some things out and save on? It's all about choice and awareness. 

Future - Saving

When you think of yourself 10 to 20 years from now, where do you want to be? What things will you be doing, how do you want to live and  how much money will that take? Meeting with a financial advisor will help you set a course and if and when you veer off the planned path, they’ll help you back on. And, you don’t have to have money to see a planner.