Never buy these foods unless they are on sale

You don't need to be an extreme couponer to take advantage of the best deals at the grocery store. Our resident super-saver shares which deals are worth it, and which arent. 


Regular price $5.99 
Some brands go on sale more often and cheaper than others however any cereal sale that hits $1.99 or less is great. I often stock up my mom on her fave cereal when it goes on for $1.66 a box.
Regular price $3.29 
Many stores now have moved to having their store brand eggs at a $1.99 or less as their every day price so be sure to watch for those stores to advertise that in your flyers!
Pre-cut fruit and veggies 
Regular price. $19.99
Pre-Cut Vegetables/Fruit Fruit and Veggie trays usually are around $11.99 for a small and $19.99 for a large both are absolutely a waste of money, even when on sale because that usually means they are a few days old.
Brick of cheese 
Regular price $7.99
Cheese is expensive, but every once and a while we get a good sale for $3.44 (or so). You can stock up and shred your cheese then freeze it.
Bag of chips 
Regular price $3 

Some stores' "sale price" is 3/$9 and I laugh thinking that is close to the regular price at other stores. Basically when chips go on sale for $2 or less it's a great time to buy. Especially if you have an upcoming event you are hosting and you need snacks.
Bottled water 
Regular price - $3.99
We stock up at $1.88. We drink a lot of water and as much as I have tried to enjoy "filtered" water at home I don't enjoy it nearly as much as bottled water.
Greeting cards 
Regular Price $5.99
Save yourself the money and make a trip to your local dollar store. The cards are just as cute and really, who saves cards? Better yet get creative and draw your own or print from home on your computer!