The best time of the year to buy everything, from toys to cars

Our resident extreme couponer, Aimee Geroux, shares her secret to always getting the best deal, by shopping at precisely the right time. 

I personally never step foot in grocery stores on weekends because they are packed and crazy. Not to mention a lot of items that are on sale will long be gone if you were not able to be at the store early on the day the sales start. The only time I pop in on the weekend is quickly on Sunday to grab fresh lunch meat and buns for my daughter’s lunches. I say the best day to buy groceries is on a Tuesday. This allows the store to restock those sale items that may have been all scooped up over the weekend.

For example, I got a crazy Barilla deal a while back by shopping on a Tuesday. The shelves were fully stocked and I was able to walk out of the store with 100+ boxes of pasta for FREE by the use of a sale and coupon. However if it is a special sale item like something not regularly in stock, a special size, or limited I suggest trying to go the day the sale starts.        
New models start to hit the lots at the end of the summer, and dealers are eager to get in with the new and out with the old. In order to get the best car deal, buy during the fall months, so September to November, as dealers will start clearing out their previous models. It could also be easier to haggle down the price at this time too.

Conversely, the worst time to buy a car is in the spring. Dealers still have plenty of time until next year’s models crowd the lot, consumers are looking forward to better weather and driving conditions, and some people might be putting their tax refunds towards a new car.

If you are really in a pinch to make a purchase soon, try buying at the end of the month, as this can increase your chances of saving money. The customer who comes in ready to buy at the end of the month might get a better deal if it helps put the manager over the top for their quota.

In terms of exact day of the week and time, buy at the end of the day, especially on Sundays. Sales and finance professionals are ready for quitting time, but an eager salesperson will not let a serious customer walk away without buying.
Sunday was the best day of the week to purchase a vehicle, according to a study by Buyers on a Friday can pay as much as $2,000 more than those who shop on a Sunday for the same vehicle.

Arts and Crafts
The end of summer before school starts is usually the best time to stock up on those art & craft supplies as stores offer great discounts. I generally buy the bulk of my art and craft supplies during back to school sales and easily save $200 to $300 stocking up on the sale items vs buying when needed. I have a stockpile of over 500 pens that I didn't pay a single penny for by finding them on sale and having coupons for them. That saved me $120 and I probably won't ever need to buy pens again. 
If you run out of something through the year your best bet for discounts on art & craft supplies would be hitting up your local dollar store or checking out craft store flyers as some regularly offer 40% off coupons and have regular sales.

If you want to grab that special someone in your life a shiny gift July and August is the best time to buy. Since there are no holidays during those months, these two months are also rather slow for jewelers since consumers are focused on wrapping up the summertime fun and preparing for the upcoming school year, but not on decorating their necks and fingers with shiny objects. Look for price reductions on items throughout stores, ranging from 15 to 40 percent off.
Above all else, avoid gift-giving seasons. With gift-giving seasons come increased demand and prices, so avoid the busier shopper periods around Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas.

For year-round savings, try online, especially for high-end jewelry or diamonds. Of course you want to do your research and only go to reputable sites, but cutting out the middle man, aka a brick and mortar store, can result in big savings.