Six apps that can actually improve your relationship

Is your relationship feeling a little boring? Spice things up by using something you use everyday - your phone! Sexologist Jessica O'Reilly shares six apps that will freshen up your relationship in more ways than one. 

Happy Couple

This is a quiz-style app to learn more about your partner in a fun way. It helps you to have more meaningful conversations and better understand one another’s feelings. 

In The Mood 

This is a fun and sexy app to schedule sex, plan out-of-the-box dates, flirt and communicate your interests/boundaries. Their tagline: set a date with your mate.


This helps you to create a budget, comment on transactions, save for specific goals and communicate with reminders (e.g. when is the last time you used Netflix?)


Want to have some fun? We-Connect control's your partner's vibrating toys from the office or from overseas. Plus they're a Canadian comapany!


Guided mindfulness (and meditation) so you’ll be more present with your partner — in and out of the bedroom.


This is a task-sharing app used in project management, but many managers and entrepreneurs have discovered that it is highly effective as a relationship tool. An app like this one can relieve some of the burden, highlight unpaid labour discrepancies and ultimately relieve resentment and lead to a more harmonious relationship.