Three DIY flower arrangements to impress your valentine

While getting a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your Valentine is expected, why not surprise them with a DIY flower arrangement? Stylist Peter Papapetrou may know a lot when it comes to styling an outfit but he's also a master of bouquets! He's got three DIY flower arrangements that are sure to impress your Valentine. 

Budget friendly 

  1. Unwrap the bouquet and get rid of the tacky wrap it comes in. Usually like a plastic sleeve
  2. Layout all the flowers that are in the bouquet to see what you have.
  3. Remove some of the extra leaves on the stems of each flower to make arrangement cleaner and slick.
  4. Select flowers you like and begin to arrange them. Start with your favourite one and build around out. The greens are last!
  5. Head to the Dollarstore and get cellophane wrap. Pink, red or whatever colour you like in tissue paper and ribbon.
  6. Cut a piece a cellophane into a square.
  7. Use a sheet of tissue paper to guide you for size lay your arrangement on a angle then wrap it around bouquet tie bottom with ribbon.

Middle of the road 

  1. You need a vase and oasis, make sure that the oasis is soaked before hand.
  2. take oasis sit on top of vase and slightly press down. This is so that it'll give you a good guideline to cut oasis to fit the vase. 
  3. Cut and carve oasis to fit vase. Cutting it a bit smaller to leave a bit of room is key. 
  4. Take wide leaves and wrap oasis. Use toothpicks to keep it in place.
  5. Take salal and scissors and snip each leaf to be individual.
  6. Make sure to leave a bit of stem on each leaf so it can go into oasis.
  7. Start arranging salal leaves in circle layered formation around the oasis.
  8. Add green hydrangea in the middle - use scissors or a knife to pre make the hole- hydrangeas stems are not solid so it's best to make room for them so they don’t break.
  9. Finally add bold pink floral for impact.

Box of love 

  1. Make sure you have a nice sized box. 
  2. Line box with plasticor garbage bag, this way the oasis won't leak. Use duck tape to attach to box for a clean finish.
  3. Wrap 3 oasis' together with tails of choice to create a block.
  4. Lay it on the middle of box then lightly draw your heart or shape. At the end we will add things around to wedge it so it does not move and has clean finish and you won't see black.
  5. Fill it with his or her favourite chocolates- make sure they have wrappers on them.
  6. Using a toothpick - insert into chocolate a quarter way in, then the rest into the oasis. 
  7. Do the same as chocolates on left side but with roses. Fnish edges around with green moss or other flowers.