Three mom-owned business that are totally changing the game

Running a business is difficult enough - but try adding that one top of being a mom! These three mom-owned business' are doing exactly that while also changing the game with their savvy and innovative products. 

Junior Foxes 


Junior Foxes is a business that was made to help moms get more done while looking great at the same time! The baby carriers are all handcrafted out of 100% linen. The thoughtful prints were made to look bold and chic without clashing with your actual outfit. The Junior Foxes slings can hold babies up to 8lbs and is very easy to use and travel friendly - they can fit into any diaper bag! Now you can get all the things you want done without disturbing your sleeping baby. 

Check out their Instagram to see more. 

Fuse-In Designs 


Fuse-In Designs is an interior decorating product that offers beautiful and decorative prints to cover electrical panels and fuse boxes in your home. The business' goal is to end outdated designs and instead use fashionable prints - without violating electrical codes, creating a potential fire hazard or voiding insurance policies. What more could you ask for? 

All Things Hemp Seed


All Things Hemp Seed is a business that makes skincare products made of  - you guessed it - all things hemp seed! Selling their products primarily online, this budding business sells everything from soaps, bath bombs, face creams, body lotions, body butter, hand creams, foot cream, beard oil and their best seller, natural deodorants! Hemp is high in fatty acids and omega 3. This makes it great for healing and calming damaged skin.