Three awesome new products made by Canadian moms

Canada is full of talented entrepeneurs in every sector, but our favourite businesses often come from hard working moms who find a whole in a market, and fill it with the products we never knew we always wanted. These three companies, helmed by talented females, are about to hit it big, and we're so happy to help spread the word.

The Beam


Anyone who has ever experienced back problems knows just how debilitating they can be. For many people, regular exercise and proper stretching can help counteract the strain put on our backs each day, but few know where to start. This is where The Beam by Nimbleback comes in. Think of it like a foam roller for your back, but even gentler. A few simple stretches can help guide your chest into opening up, relieving tension, all with the help of gravity. The secret is in the simple yet effective foam bar that's placed under your spine for the perfect amount of support. It's affordable, portable, totally easy to use, and could be the answer your back has been searching for. 

Rok Cork Handbags


Mixing luxury and sustainability isn't always easy, especially when it comes to fashion, but Rok Cork aims to change that with their stunning bags. While our mind instantly goes to wine bottles when we think of cork, it turns out that it's the perfect alternative to leather. It's durable, renewable (which is great for the environment) and soft as suede. As the eco-fashion market grows, we expect Rok Cork to soar. 

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L.A.M.A Soap Company


We all use soap several times a day, but how often do we really think about what we're putting on our bodies? Harsh chemicals and drying ingredients are the norm in most mass produced soaps, but Fegus, Ontario's Lama Soap is all natural, environmentally friendly, and most importantly, just as effective. With rich textures and soothing scents like lemon poppy seed, double mint, and tea tree and rosemary, and so many more, they look (and smell) good enough to eat! And since they're 100% plant based, you can feel confident your family's skin is in great hands.