Three ways to take your outdoor party to the next level

It's officially pool party season and we want to help you host an epic outdoor gathering! Entertaining Expert Lexi Haslam shared the best ways to throw an incredible get-together that no one will ever forget. 


Having a noticeable party theme is a great way to elevate your outdoor space for your guests! One of our favourite summer themes is "Beach Day." The combination of a relaxing, yet fun and festive tone will bring life to your party. You can set this theme in place by having a neutral sandstone table to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Natural elements like coconuts and palm leaves on the table are great props for photos and help bring together the theme! 


Having glassware at an outdoor pool party is less than ideal, which is why plastic plates and cups are a much better alternative. If you're worried about the lack of aesthetic, don't be! There are numerous plastic dining sets at party supply stores that have fun patterns and colours. You can even choose from numerous Premium Tableware designs that look identical to proper dining sets. Your guests won't be able to tell that it's plastic!

Having comfortable chairs is just as important as decorating your tables! If you want your guests to feel at home and relaxed, have a few different seating options. While regular chairs by an outdoor dining table works for eating, an Outdoor Beanbag Chair is a fashionable and practical way to make your space feel cozy. It will also look great by the pool!


When it comes to serving food at a pool party, you don't want to put out a whole bunch of heavy meals. Before or after swimming, it's a better idea to have something light and refreshing. Whether you serve fruit kabobs or homemade popsicles as snacks, pick items that will taste as good as they look! From a Grilled Corn Salad to Calamari and Cucumber Stir-fry, the options are endless for appetizers and the main course. 

For the adults, having beer buckets and wine coolers around the table is essential. You don't want your guests to have to leave a conversation to get a new drink, so keeping a few options close by will make things a lot easier!


It's common for guests to forget a few of their important items when packing their bags for a pool party. You don't want anyone to miss out on the fun just because they're missing some of their things! Have a few baskets of "Pool Party Necessities" so that everyone can make the most of the day without worrying. Not only can you make the baskets part of theme with hand-written signs, but it will also be a huge success with your guests. 

Items you can store per basket:

  • Flip-flops (Pick out a few different sizes so that there are options for guests)
  • Fun sunglasses (Whether guests forget their pair or just want funky ones to rock for a photo, this basket can have a variety of different styles)
  • Extra hats (Nobody likes having sun rays directly in their eyes when having a conversation. Extra hats or baseball caps will be handy for your guests)