The hottest home tech products that'll change your life in 2019

Technology is always advancing and now that it's 2019, it's the perfect time to take a look at the hottest tech products that are trending this year. Home and design expert Ramsin Khachi is here to show us his picks of the products that will totally change your life - for the better. 

Sleep and Wake-Up Light 

After the holidays, it can be hard to get back into the routine of waking up early instead of sleeping in everyday. This light is designed to help you wake up in a more relaxing way instead of a blaring alarm. It mimics a natural sunrise and you can even choose what music you'd like to wake up to. 

$219.99 via Philips 

Orbi Wi-Fi System 

These Smart speakers are able to send Wi-Fi signals all across your home you never have to sit and wait for a video to load. Alexa is even incorporated into the speakers so you can give it daily directions. 

$732 via Netgear 

Temperature Control Coffee-Maker 

With this coffee system, you'll be able to connect it to a phone app and customize your coffee straight from your phone (or sitting in your bed).  You can also control the temperature or create a pre-soak. It's the perfect coffee-maker for people on the go. 

$389 via Brehmor 

Perfect Bake Smart Scale 

Cooking and baking just got a whole lot easier. This smart scale is wireless and connects to an app that ahs  over 500+ selected recipes with pre measured servings. Plus, if you pour too much, it'll automatically adjust thre recipe for you.

$99.99 via Perfect Company 

Echo Show 

This is more than just a smart speaker. It includes a 7-inch touch screen, Alexa and the ability to stream books and music! Since it has a screen you'll be able to watch movies and even make Skype calls to family and friends. An endless amount of things you can do, it's the tech product you'll want to get in 2019. 

$299 via Amazon

Roomba i7+ with Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal

Save yourself time when cleaning the house by having a machine do it for you! The iRobot Rooma empties itself and can hold up to 30 bins of dirt. It's also ideal if you own a pet since since it'll clean up its hair on the daily. The best part? It's connected to Alexa so you can tell it to clean without even moving from the couch. 

$1,249.99 via iRobot 


Start the new year with the best lighting system. Caseta Wireless lets you control the lighting from anywhere in your home. You'll be able to control multiple lights from a remote, or if you lose it, from an app on your phone! 

$119.95 via Caseta Wireless


A safe home is one of the most important things you should keep in mind for 2019! This smart smoke and carbon dioxide detector fully knows the difference between an emergency and a small concern and will let you know accordingly. It even connects to an app on your phone which will aletrt you if it senses something wrong in your home. This is definitely an investment you want to make, it could save you and your family. 

$139.95 via Nest 

Onelink Safe and Sound 

This smoke and carbon monoxide detector is a must this year because it has high-end speakers that have omni-directional sound so you can hear it anywhere in your home. Plus with a built-in Alexa you can play music, audio books and more. 

$329.99 via First Alert