How to get your resolutions back on track, or even off the ground

Staying on track when it comes to achieving a goal can often be the hardest part. Famiyl therapist Joe Rich is here to break down why we so often fail at our new year’s resoltuions and what we can do about it. 

Break your goal into steps 

Consider your goal, overall objectives and see if you can develop a plan that includes your “intention for the year” as well. For example, losing weight is a common goal so aim to do something for a half hour every day - starting in January - that relates to losing weight: reading a book, selecting a diet, find a nutritionist, shop new foods you’d like, talk to a friend that has lost weight/ think insightfully about why weight may be an issue for you, etc.

The actual diet may start in week two or three! The idea is to keep it in mind & make the subject a priority. But, don’t just talk about it all the time. There is something to be said for “doing and not thinking”

See how failure works in your life and have a way to get back on track

For next year, you can do this even before you begin, but you can also use it now to get back on track. Think about a time when you faced a previous challenge and how you got through it. This may be one of the secrets to how you succeed. Build on strengths. Many resolutions are about habits! Habits don’t change in a day. Count good days and bad days. Make sure you're having realistic expectations.

Tell friends and loved ones

This way they'll be able to hold you accoutable. The benefits outweigh the risks!

Seek support

Going at it alone is not necessary. Achieving a goal in groups or with friends is a great way to stay on track. There is online support on your phone. Many are surprised to learn “hey, they have an app for that”. Do a quick Google search and you'd be surprised to find out how many people are trying to achieve the same goals as you. 

Keep in mind the goal is feeling proud - of doing your best!

Celebrate successes big and small! Even if you're halfway towards your goal or just barely starting, you shoud still celebrate where you're at. 

Find a mantra and use it

Self talk is key. You know yourself the best so select a word and use it. This avoids some pit-falls and allow your goal to be part of a life plan for the year.