The simple reason why so many people don't follow through with their New Year's resolutions

Making New Year's resolutions always comes from good place - a desire to better ourselves or our communities. But more often than not, those resolutions are too broad or too vague and leave a huge opporunity for failure. This year, change your midset and ditch the resolutions in exchange for simple, straighforward goals.  

Make it measurable (and manageable)

Telling yourself that you want to save money is good and all, but telling yourself you're going to save $500 in two months is so much better. This can be applied to virtually any resolution. Want to lose weight? How about losing 10 pounds in three months instead? We guarantee you'll be way less likely to let that gym membership go to waste when you've got a measurable, attainable goal within reach. And above all else, take it one day at time.

Goals need to be realistic

Few people will have the exact same goals - that's simply because we all lead different lives with different commitments. Your goal needs to work for you, and most importantly it needs to easily fit in to your daily routine or else it's probably not going to stick. Furthermore, you need to know why your goals are important to you right now. You know yourself best, so use that knowledge to set goals that are attainable. Committing to yoga every Friday night when you know you're always wiped after a long work week probably isn't going to work. But how about Saturday morning? You can do it!

Tell your loved ones

In part, this can hold your accountable, but it's also important that those closest to you understand what you're commiting to as it may impact your relationships. If you've gone to Sunday brunch with your girlfriends every weekend for the last two years but suddenly cancel because your goal is to save money - they're going to have some questions. Better still, try working with them to help you succeed. Turn that brunch out into a schedule for hosting rotating get-together instead. 

Start from a place of strengh

Think of a time in your life where you set a goal, committed to it, and succeded. Think about how you felt when you reached that point and use that memory to kickstart your journey. If you can remember that sense of accomplishment, you'll be all that more driven to reach your new goals too. 

Plan for set backs

More likely than not, you're going to have an off day, or off week somewhere in the run of things. And that's ok. Sometimes unexpected things come up, but as long as you don't let it totally derail you, you can get back on track in no time. Remember, two steps forward and one step back is still going forward! And sometimes, it's those set backs that can push you all that much harder. 

Remind yourself of all of the benefits

Use every opportunity to inspire yourself and make you feel good with all of the positive aspects for your goal. If you're going on a diet, you get to learn more about nutrition. If you're giving up alcohol, you'll have far fewer headaches. There's always an upside, even when you want to give in, so use that to fuel you!

Celebrate your own successes – daily!

Even the littlest accomplishments are worth celebrating. Toot your own horn and be proud of yourself! You are further along today than you were yesterday, and that's real progress. Think of yourself as someone who sets and achieves goals each day and you'll be more successful.