Everything you need to host the ultimate gender reveal party

Marilyn's son Adam and his wife Caprice are expecting their first baby in the summer! In order to celebrate, what better way than to look at the hottest trends for gender reveals? Entertaining expert Sebastien Centner is here to show us the many creative ways to reveal the gender of your baby, plus the best decorations and food you'll need. 


  • Nothing screams a party more than balloons! Get a dozen or so helium filled pink and blue helium balloons to place all over the room.
  • Flowers add a soft touch, go for blue hydrangeas and pink rose floral arrangements.
  • Add some colour to napkins, paper plates etc. with pink and blue accents. 


  • It definitely wouldn't be a party without cakes or cupcakes! Opting for blue and pink icing is always a safe bet, but other soft pastel colours like green and yellow also look beautiful for any baby party!
  • Pink and blue popcorn, candy jars, and cotton candy. 

The reveal

  • Order cake pops from a local bakery (or make them yourself) and have them make the cake inside be pink or blue. 
  • Create a regular grilled cheese but add red or blue dye into the cheese and make sure the cheese isn't oozing out until the actual reveal.
  • A traditional cake that either pink or blue on the inside. Make sure the outside of the cake is still baby themed.
  • Empty half of a baby powder bottle and fill the other half with pink or blue powder. Shake it up so that the powders mix and then squuze it to reveal the colour.
  • A piƱata is a fun and interactive way for your guests to get in on the reveal. Fill the inside with either pink or blue confetti.