This gift guide is every tech-lovers dream

Tech the halls this Christmas with the ultimate gift guide from tech expert Amber MacArthur! We've got everything for yourself AND the kids. Treat yourself to the spa, a gift card to Staples, some good ol Canadian coffee and some of the best tech products out right now! 

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A mini assistant 


You just found yourself a new best friend for your home! The Google Home Mini uses smart technology to control and assist you with your day-to-day tasks. Do you want to know the weather? Want a certain song to play while your cooking? This product does it all!

Google Home Mini, $79 via Google

Relax and rejuvenate

Hammam-Spa.jpgThere is nothing more needed over the holiday break than a good place to relax. The Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie is the perfect place to do exactly that. With a $100 gift card, you’ll be able to not only leave feeling relaxed, but also having beautiful soft skin.

Keep your kids occupied 


There’s nothing better than having some “me time”. That’s exactly what you’ll get once your kids get their hands on the Zoomer Playful Pup and Hatchimals Hatchibabies! If you don’t have a real dog then the Playful Pup is perfect since and moves and sounds like a real dog. As for the Hatchimals, it's been one of the most popular gifts the past couple years so we’re guaranteed your kid will love it as well.

Zoomer Playful Pup, $129.99 via SpinMaster

Hatchimals Hatchibabies, $74.99 via Hatchimals

Capture your memories


Instant cameras might seem like a thing from the old days, but not anymore. This camera captures moments and prints out your photo instantly! The prints are also 1.5 times bigger than the size of other instant cameras.

Instax Square SQ6 Instant Camera, $159.95 via Indigo

Bring your toy to life


Cozmo is one of the hottest toys on the market right now for many reasons. The robot has hundreds of emotions so it can interact with anyone that plays with it. It also connects to an app that will give you more options to develop Cozmo’s personality.

Anki Cozmo Robot, $249.99 via Best Buy  

Spin into action


Just because it’s winter and there’s snow outside, doesn’t mean you can’t go cycling.  With a 5 class voucher to SpinCo, you’ll be able to work off all that holiday weight in no time. SpinCo also has ten different locations across Canada so you can take classes at your own convenience.

Unfortunetly, this gift certifcate will not be a part of our online contest. 



Gone are the days of your kid stealing your phone to take selfies and play games. With the KidiBuzz Pink, your kid will be able to send texts, voice messages, create drawings all on a parent-approved contact list.

KidiBuzz Pink, $119.99 via VTech

But first, coffee


Who doesn’t love a good cup of Joe? This gift pack contains 3 blends of coffee and tea from Amber’s home province of PEI! Support a Canadian business while also getting your caffeine fix at the same time.

PEI in July, $11.99 via PEI Coffee Company

Who’s Yer Father?, $17.99 via PEI Coffee Company

Cuppa Coffee, $3.99 via PEI Coffee Company

That was easy 


With everything from Google Chromecast and speakers, to cameras and fitness trackers, Staples Canada has all of your gift-giving needs covered! Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options and gadgets galore? You can never go wrong with a gift card!  

Google Chromecast Ultra 4K TV Streaming, $90 via Staples Canada

Small toys, big impact 


Place these small toys on your finger and have an endless amount of fun! The fingers toys have sensors at the top of their heads that react when you pet them. As for the What’s That Smell? Board game, it’s a party game for the whole family that is guaranteed to creates from smiles - and smells.

Fingerlings Dragon, $19.99 via Fingerlings

What’s That Smell?, $24.99 via WowWee

Untamed T-Rex, $19.99 via WowWee

Cozy up over the holidays 


There’s nothing better than sleeping-in over the holidays while wearing the cutest and softest PJ’s. A long flannel sleepshirt and bootie slippers from La Vie En Rose will serve you just that. The beautiful red plaid design and and snowflake details on both products will keep you looking festive and warm.

Long Flannel Sleepshirt, $39.95 via La Vie En Rose

Bootie Slippers, $16.95 via La Vie En Rose

Something for everyone 


With a $40 gift card to IKEA, you'll be able to get anything from delicious food, furniture, kitchenware - pretty much anything your home could ever need. Plus these SAGOSKATT soft toys are totally adorable and unique, you can only get them at IKEA. 

SAGOSKATT soft toy, $4.99 via IKEA 


Thank you to Pop! Events Group for lending their sleigh and Santa for the big reveal!