The four smartphone apps that Amber Mac swears by

Looking to spice up your life with latest apps of the year? Tech expert Amber MacArthur is here to share her top 4 apps in different categories that you will absolutely love. 

Calorie Mama

If you want to keep track of your diet and calories but aren't sure of the details, this app will do it all for you! All you have to do if take a photo of your meal and it'll automatically give you all the nutritional details. The app is connected to a food base to help recognize what you're eating. Keeping track of your health has never been so easy!


Your Instagram stories just got a whole lot cooler! The Unfold app has over 25 free templates that you can use for your Instagram stories and 75 premium templates. There's so many to pick from and it'll take your stories from regular to super creative. Within the app you're able to save them alone or upload straight to Instagram!

Weather Underground

There's no doubt that the weather affects your day-to-day life. While you can watch the news to get your weather information, this app is able to get current conditions from local weather stations or drop a pin in your neighborhood. It'll be so much easier to plan what you'll do, what you'll wear that day and more. 


Planning on a road trip? Skip going to the car rental counter and use Turo! The app allows you to choose from over 800 models of cars to book that are all locally-owned. The driver will then be able to confirm your booking within 8 hours (yes, you can plan something last minute now) and you'll be on your way! Booking your next adventure has never been so easy.