How to fill your house with holiday style without breaking the budget

Get your home ready for the holidays with these great looks from Walmart!

Rustic Retreat:
This style is all about incorporating different textures and patterns; chunky cable knit throws, brushed cotton plaid cushion covers, natural jute for area rug. Your decor brings in elements of nature with the birch wreath, grapevine decorations, faux fur accents.

Mixing and matching patterns, plaid with faux fur and chunky throws all lend themselves to being winter décor, something that is not too festive and will allow you to have it displayed for a longer period of time, which saves you time as you’re not constantly changing décor.

Assorted ornaments: $2.48 to $3.48 each
15” nutcracker - $19.88 each
Assorted stockings: $14.88 each
Decorative Cushions: $16.97 each
Winter Luxe:
This style is more formal, its more glam with metallics, sparkle and glitter but also with the cool silver, white and grey colour combination.  its perfect for your table setting where you'll be entertaining guests and serving up your most delicious meal.

Spruce up the backs of your chairs by hanging gorgeous wreaths, from the moment the guests walk in, before they even see the table they will be greeted by this beautiful decor hanging from each chair. The palette, is cool yet soothing, it lends itself to being glamorous and chic - ideal for a dinner party. You want a soothing colour palette so your guests are relaxed and enjoy the food and conversation.  

Assorted ornaments: $2.38 to $2.48 each
16” Village Wreath: $27.98 each
12- Pack 12” Christmas Crackers: $13.98 pack
Glass Cloche with Fairy Lights: $19.98 each
Nostalgic North:
When looking at this colour palette its cheerful, cutesy and vibrant - fitted for a kids space but also for those who enjoy a fun and festive display.

Add a small Christmas tree to your childs room where they can use their own decorations; a white tree is perfect as it lends itself to the crisp style of the room.  The ornaments inject some nostalgia/vintage vibe- retro cars with trees on top, drums, marquee tree, but also some modern fun ornaments like wrapped candies, bright candy canes and gifts.

2-Pack Flannel Pillow Cases: $8.88 pack
Vintage Glass Ornament Set: $13.98 set
LED Tree Marquee: $19.98 each
Star Laser Light: $39.88 each
Holiday Countdown Quilt Set - Twin $48.88  , D/Q $58.88
Holiday Flannel Sheet Set – Twin $34.88, D/Q $45.88
Holiday Décor Cushions - $12.88 each
Holiday Fleece Throws - $5.47 each