Does your living room decor just seem a

If you love all of your pieces of furniture, but still feel like there is something a little off with your space as a whole, chances are you need to play with scale a little bit. Whether that means buying a bigger rug to ground your couch, or putting your arm chairs on legs, a bit of balancing can make a big difference. Ramsin shows us in real-time how a little strategic planning in your room designs can take your room from adequite, to absolute perfection.


For information on some of the products Ramsin used in the show, see below.


Craigley Cocktail Table

Sophie Lounge Chair

Sutton Console Table

Oslo Ottoman

Crystal Ball Table Lamp

Bloom Rug – 8’ x 10”

Bloom Rug – 9’9” x 13’ 8”


Urban Barn

Plosion Wall Art in Grey

Floressa Wall D├ęcor, small, in white

Roxie Faux Fur Toss 12X22 in., in Purple

Roxie Faux Fur Toss 20X20 in. in Purple

Tweed Toss 20x20 in.,  Black

Cozy Toss 12x22 in., in Black

Professor Owl Toss 16x16

Arya Faux Fur Throw, Polar

Foggy Lake Wall Art

Madera Round Side Table -Oak Bay

Fillmore Sofa -Antique Black

Fillmore Armchair -Antique Black

Madera Nesting Coffee Table, Round, in Oak Bay



NIGHT’S EDGE 70 BB 12/116