How to use navy as a neutral in home decor

When it comes to choosing paint colours for our homes, most of us opt for neutrals like white and beige, but why play it safe when you can play up your space? Make a statement with navy!


The bold blue hue totally falls under the family of neutrals, and is easy to design around if you follow a few of these simple rules from Amanda Forrest:

Add Texture
When decorating with a monochromatic colour scheme like navy, use a mix of textures throughout the space to create a sense of depth and visual interest in the room, such as velvet upholstery and croco stamped walls.

Ground the Space with Black and White
Accentuate your monochromatic design by incorporating graphic neutral accents like a bold geometric rug or black and white framed photo.

Opt for Metallics over Wood Finishes
Like how jewelry finishes off any great red carpet look, use metallic finishes throughout the space to inject a touch of glamour into your design. Both silver and gold work well with navy, so go with whatever one you prefer more, or even mix the two! 

Choose A Complimentary Accent Colour


The easiest way to liven up a monochromatic space is to introduced its secondary colour compliment as an accent. Complimentary colours are those which fall exactly opposite on the colour wheel. For navy, this would be orange. Use this unlikely pairing to create visual contrast in the space of warm and cool hues. 

You can also Inject a lively pop of citrus green into your monochromatic navy design to create a complimentary cool-hued design scheme. This refreshing pairing adds a layer of interest without ditracting from the overall feel of the room.

Use Flowers To Test Colour Schemes
Fresh flowers are a great way to try out new accent colours in your home, without investing in furniture. We all have our favourite flowers, but step outside your comfort zone and test out new hued bouquets until you find the right shade to compliment your design.

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