How to keep your TV from overpowering your family room

In general, the focal point of family rooms is always the TV (whether we like it or not), so being able to centre your room around it in the most stylish way possible is a solid skill to have. 

Jane Lockhart transformed one family's living space that was overrun with children's toys into a grown-up, but fully functional space for everyone. She offered up a few tips along the way for the getting the perfect placement for your TV:

Think About A Wall Mount
This offers more flexibility than a TV stand since you can rotate the TV and change the angle as needed. This means you you can play around with yout furniture placement a little more. It also frees up floor space which can be a lifesafer in small rooms. 

Insignia Full Motion Wall Mount, Best Buy, $149.99

Hide It With Ease
Even if you know the TV needs to be there, it may not mean you want to see it all the time. You can keep you television hidden, but accessible with the click of a button with a lift system. Whether you want to hide it behind a cabinet, or even in the foot of your bed, this lift is easy to install and can be the ultimate compromise for any space with shared uses. 

Motorized TV Lift, Lee Valley, $559 - $899

Get The Right Size TV For Your Space
There's nothing worse than a giant TV overpowering a small room. To help make sure you get the most suitable size for your space, follow this simple formula. You also want to ensure you don't have to strain your neck while you catch the latest episode of Billions, so the middle of your TV should be at your eye level when you're sitting down. 

The right entertainment unit can take the guess work out of TV placement for you. Jane featured the Ikea Stockholm TV Bench.

Special thanks to the following companies for providing all of the furniture and accessories in Emily's family room makeover:
IKEA, Urban Barn, HomeSense, Pier 1, and Dulux Paints.  More detailed product information is below.

Urban Barn
Filmore Sofa
Classic Rug Ivory / Grey – 96 x 135
Charleston Chair -Lux Silver
Churchill Coffee Table -Carob
Madera Round Side Table -Oak Bay
Echoes Wall Art

HomeSense provided Emily and Ron with new accessories for their new space – from ceiling lighting, to pouffs, and everything in between!

Pier 1
Pier 1 provided accessories to help round-out Jane’s mater design plan.

REGISSÖR Glass-door cabinet with 4 drawers, brown
RITVA curtain panels 
DUKTIG Play kids toys

Dulux Paints

Paint colour featured in the family room makeover: Shadow Play 90BG 35/068 A1964
Special thanks to the following companies for donating their time and services
Wow 1 Day Painters