How to create a bedroom that can grow and adapt with your teen

When it comes to designing a room for your tween, you want it to last for years to come. That being said, it's important to let your kids express their creative side though design as they age, but you can easily do that by swapping out afforadable accessories. Starting with basics that will stand the test of time, like a sturdy bed with lots of storage, will help the room grow along with your child. 

All of the products featured on the show are available from the following brands:
The Flower Wall Company
Browns Flower Shop
Home Sense
Urban Barn
Union Lighting and Furnishings


Gold Table, Union Lighting, $479.99
Gold Sculpture, Union Lighting,  $139.99
Gold Vase, Union Lighting, $209.99
Table Lamps, Union Lighting, $169 - $349.99 ea.
Chandelier, Union Lighting, $539.99
Flowers in vase, Union Lighting, $359.99
Toss Cushions, Urban Barn, $32.00 ea
Star D├ęcor, Urban Barn, $29.00
Wood Box, Urban Barn, $49.00
Wall Birds Urban Barn $16.00 ea.
Teal Jewelry Box, Urban Barn, $69.00
Photo Frame, Urban Barn, $46.00
Magazine Holder, Urban Barn, $59.00
Tray, Urban Barn
Junk de Luxe Basket, Urban Barn, $16.00
Dog Calendar, Urban Barn, $29.99
Bed, Urban Barn, $1,599.00
Desk, Urban Barn, $899.00
Round Accent Table, Urban Barn, $449.99 
Armchair, Urban Barn, $699.00
Oriole Chair, Urban Barn, $999.00
Long Wall Art, Urban Barn, $179.99
Chandlier Art, Urban Barn, $369.00
White board,  Homesense, $29.99
Floral storage case, Homesense, $19.99
Small storage box, Homesense, $5.00
Medium Storage Box, Homesense, $5.00
Pencil Cup, Homesense, $4.99 ea.
Desk Top Holder, Homesense, $16.99
Markers, Homesense, $5.99
Note pad, Homesense, $5.00
Novelty Paper Clips, Homesense, $4.99
Pencil Crayons, Homesense, $5.00
All Bedding from Revelle, various prices
Matress, Casper,  $1,175.00
Dog bed, Casper, $150.00
Flower Wall,  The Flower Wall Company
Airedale Dog statue, Brown's Flower Shop, $125.00
Master Dining Chair,  Structube
Luisa Tea Cart, Structube
Accent Cushion, Structube