Designer tips for holiday decorating without getting overwhelmed

When decorating for the holidays, keep these tips in mind from designer Kasia Waloszczyk.

Don’t Let Décor Jeopardize Your Functionality
When it comes to decorating for the holidays we always want our homes to shine and reflect a festive feel. But for many us we need to also consider the functionality of our home, especially when you have kids or grand-kids visiting often. When it comes to your tree perhaps your space cannot lend itself to a large tree, just know that you have alternative options like selecting a Slim Pencil trees which are also very beautiful, full and don’t take up much space --- you can also think outside the box and sub your Christmas tree using a smaller LED birch tree, hang décor off of the branches or leave it with simple white lights, add a nice throw or pashmina around the base as your skirt.
When it comes to adding pillows don’t layer them with all of your spring and summer pillows, perhaps just leave a few of them out and add a subtle layer with one or two textured winter pillows.  Another options is to look for decorative cushion covers that fit your current existing ones, this way you don’t have to worry about storing your other seasonal pillows you can just cover them up with the new textural winter ones.
Essentially you want to create a sense of simple comfort – injecting traditions on more scaled back levels (as oppose to setting up a room filled with nativity scenes choosing your favorite and setting it up on a nice tray that adorns your coffee table)
Scale Back To Extend Season
Perhaps as oppose to decorating in layers of Christmas motifs such as Santa Clause, Snowman – extend your décor to last you through the winter season. Look to textures such as; faux fur pillows, cable knits blankets and when it comes to decor use objects like pine cones, green boughs, twigs and birch logs, white lights, grapevine shaped trees – all of these items lend themselves as pieces that are complimentary to the Winter Holidays. They will last you well past the new year and really help to keep your space cozy during the cold months of January/Feb – creating a textural winter retreat. This is also why the woodland/rustic cabin style has gained great popularity because it’s a style that can be used well past the Christmas season. Winter-log cabin vibe.
Choose A Multi-Purpose Colour Pallete
A neutral colour palette is a great starting point for your Holiday Décor.
Colours such as greens, browns, creams and whites allow you to really change and inject any colour you feel like decorating with this season. They are great backdrop colour combinations that are complimentary to any vibrant tone you may want to add. But at the same time, if adding reds and teals is not for you leaving it neutral is always a safe route to take – it adds to the second point of extending your holiday décor.

Kasia transformed a blank canvas into holiday chic with great finds from IKEA.

VINTER 2016 Collection: All of the holiday decorations in this dining room are from IKEA’s new VINTER 2016 limited edition holiday collection

IKEA Food: IKEA’s Swedish Food Market offers a variety of limited edition cookies and treats during the holidays

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