Fun ways to use those leftover ornaments that don't fit on your tree

Designer, Debbie Travis, shows how you can use your leftover ornaments that don’t fit on your tree!
Cake Stand Centerpiece:



  • Cake stand with clear glass lid
  • Number or holiday ornaments / Christmas bulbs


  1. Take the clear glass top off of your cake stand and flip it upside down. Hold sturdy.
  2. Fill the glass with holiday bulbs / ornaments, ensuring that they aren’t overflowing. 
  3. Still holding the glass lid upside down, place the cake stand base onto the glass lid.
  4. CAREFULLY flip the entire thing right-side up, place on your table, and voila! A beautiful centerpiece full of ornaments

Mini Christmas Bulb Planters



  • Christmas bulbs
  • Holiday trimmings, such as cranberries, pine trees trimmings, leaves
  • 1 small metal washer
  • Crazy glue
  • ¼ cup of sand (or salt)



  1. Take an ornament, and take the top off of it, so that all that’s left is the opening. Opening should be at least 1.5cm in diameter.
  2. Using crazy glue, adhere the  small, metal washer to the bottom of the ornament. Let dry.
  3. Fill the ornament with about ¼ cup of sand, which will give it enough weight to hold the trimmings without tipping over.
  4. Add holiday trimmings as you please, carefully creating a mini holiday planter!






  • 1 picture frame, empty with no glass
  • 1 roll of ribbon
  • 1 larger, beautiful ornament
  • 1 holiday-themed bow (large)
  • Tape




  1. Take a picture frame, and remove the glass if it’s there.
  2. Take a beautiful ribbon, and loop it through an ornament of your choice. Medium-large size works best.
  3. Tie the ornament to the top of the frame in a knot, ensuring that the ornament is hanging about half-way down within the frame.
  4. Add a piece of tape to the string at the top of the frame, so the ornament stays in place, and doesn’t slide around.
  5. To cover the tape, adhere a bow in your colour scheme over top of it. Hang the frame on the wall, and enjoy!

Love the holiday look Debbie gave to Kayla and Christopher?
Special thanks to SEARS Canada and Michaels for providing holiday d├ęcor!