The best tips for designing the perfect gallery wall

Style expert Michael Penney has simple steps on having the best wall art in your home. It doesn't need to be over complicated at all and can even be fun!

Vintage plate collection

  1. Display a family heirloom collection and give it a modern update. 
  2. Add vintage character and soul in an unexpected way. 
  3. Create a symmetrical design or something more free form depending on the space and your style 

 Paint Colour:  Parachute DLX 1218-5

Picture ledges

  1. Takes away some of the anxiety of how to hang each picture. Using a picture ledge gives you a structure to work with. 
  2. Organize the look by lining everything up (less cluttered look).
  3. Allows for a rotating gallery so you can easily switch pieces out and add to collection over time. 

Paint Colour:  Billiard Green DLX 1139-7

Kids' art

  1. Use newspaper, painters tape and nails.  Trace out each frame onto newspaper, then create your design on the wall using painters tape to stick. Measure where to put nails and hammer nails into wall right through the paper template. THEN AND ONLY THEN take off paper and tape and hang pictures. 
  2. TIP: Start with your favourite and or most prominent pieces and fill in around. 
  3. Frames do not need to match! 

Paint Colour: Summer Tab DLX 1067-4

Console table, $249 via IKEA | Sideboard, $499 via IKEA  | Picture ledge, $14.99 via IKEA | Rug, $169 via IKEA

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