How feature walls can brighten up your home without breaking the bank

Let Feature Walls bring a pop of colour to your home

A feature wall is a simple way to highlight and draw attention to an area of a room in your home, and add a bit of flare to a currently monochromatic or dull room. This technique of defining a unique space, highlighting a piece of artwork, or emphasizing an architectural feature in your home can really add depth, colour, and personality to the room.

If you like colour but are too afraid to go bold in a room, a feature wall is a great alternative; it allows you to pick a bold colour without the commitment of painting your entire room. Feature walls can also help flow colour from one room to the next when you have a large open concept space.

A wall isn’t just a wall

Don’t forget that feature walls don’t necessarily have to be exclusively wall surfaces. Sometimes painting the ceiling, support beams, or the trim in a room is a great way to add a splash of colour as well. Remember that feature walls are meant to highlight a room – so choose the most unique thing in the room and emphasize it with some colour.

What about the cost?

Feature walls are a great alternative to completely repainting a room, and because you only need to focus on one wall or specific element, they are inexpensive to create. The City Painters are a great example of a Toronto-based company that can help you spruce up any room in your home – even on a budget – using feature walls

How to choose a colour for your feature wall

When choosing the colour for your feature wall, consider colours that you already see in the room. Pulling colours from fabrics, artwork, unique appliances, or accessories that already occupy space in the room will help make the room seem more cohesive when you’re finished painting.

How much colour is too much? Start small with your selection process of which spaces in the room should be painted. You can always paint more elements such as the trim, but you don’t want to turn around and realize you went too big in the room.

Dos and Don’ts of Feature Walls

  • Do choose paint if you’re on a budget – feature walls are an inexpensive alternative to painting an entire room, and are cheaper than alternative wall surfaces such as stone or tile.
  • Do think of things other than paint – paint isn’t your only option. If you have the budget, you can consider wallpaper, tile, stone, reclaimed wood – the possibilities are endless.
  • Do focus on your open concept spaces – feature walls are the best way to bring small pops of colour to large spaces and tie everything together.
  • Don’t randomly choose a wall to highlight – think about what’s most unique in the room and emphasize that.
  • Don’t choose a small room either – you want it to stand out!
  • Don’t think that bold is the only way – going bold for the sake of going bold is a mistake. Your colour palette should be cohesive with the rest of the room.
  • Don’t choose an overly crowded room – you don’t want too much going on in an room or having too many colours – it will turn what should be a wow factor into an overwhelming mess of colour.