Add matte black and mixed metals to your home for the most modern, luxurious look

While colour is great to add a pop into your home, metals and mattes are a great alternative as well! Home and design expert Ramsin Khachi shows us the right way to do it. 

Choose a dominant meal 

Choose a metal finish you love to be the most prominent, and then select other metal accents to complete the look. Having a primary metal sets the direction for the feel and mood of the room.

Consider your palette 

Warm metals (like gold, brass, and aged copper) pair well with warm hues (like reds, browns, and yellows), while cool metals (such as chrome and silver) pair well with cool hues (such as blue, green, and violet). The types of metals you choose can affect the overall feel of the room dramatically. Golds can set the tone for a sophisticated and elegant space while Chrome can set the tone for a more modern and clean lined space. Know which vibe you want to give off!

Use lots of texture 

Varying the texture of your metal finishes can make all the difference in defining a space. Don’t be afraid to have more than one - combine matte, polished, and hammered finishes for a truly rich and visually delicious atmosphere! Bring in decorative accessories that also have metals incorporated into them. Metallic finishes are not exclusive to metals. Look at bringing in these finishes in other décor elements such as artwork, pillows and rugs.

Keep it subtle 

Just like most things, less is more, however, too little is not good either. Add enough so that the metals have a significant impact on the décor of the room but don’t over do things. You don’t want them to be competing for attention. Don’t create clutter!

Mix this but not that

For the most part, anything goes. However, there are some metals that don’t work well with each other. For example, chrome should be mixed with black metals, brass and vintage metals, but be careful mixing chrome with golds and nickels. For example, Golds can be mixed with nickels, brass, bronze, black and stainless steel. But be careful with mixing in some coppers and aged metals.


All products from this segment are from Elte and HomeSense. Paint colour featured in segment is Blossom Pink (DLX1016-2) from Dulux