Three DIYs that can take your gallery wall to the next level

Inspiration Board 

Start with a ready made cork board available at big box stores or office supply stores.  Get one as large as you have space for because it will fill up fast!  Use left over paint to completely cover the cork and wooden frame.  Allow to dry.  Use grosgrain ribbon from a craft or fabric store and cut into equal lengths to create a grid on your cork board.  Lay out design working with the board flat on a table and attach ribbon with thumbtacks.  Fill with favourite inspiration photos, magazine tear sheets or photos to inspire you in your space.

Personalized Kits

Why not create a cute and organized kit filled with all of the things you need for the activities you love?  Start with ready made plastic kit with dividers.  Look for unexpected containers like our typical plastic cleaning caddie usually used for window cleaner, paper towel etc. and then repurpose for your task.  Fill the kits and caddies with things like paint, glue and scissors for a craft kit or tools, seeds and a mini watering can for a gardener.  Finish off your kit with attractive labels meant for jam jars to keep things organized and stylish.

Poster Jack art

Turn your photos into artwork at Posterjack - it's easy and looks fantastic [If there is one point to emphasize that differentiates us from competitors, it’s the part about looking fantastic. We're for the person that really wants the photo they are turning into wall art to look incredible in their space.

Posterjack offers many artwork styles, from Acrylic Blocks, to HD Metal Prints, to Gallery Boxes, to Wood Prints, Canvas Prints & more - simply upload your photo and they make the art and ship it to your door.