How to turn your kid's mother's day gifts into art you'll cherish forever

All mothers have recieved handmade gifts from their kids at least once, from finger paintings to macaroni art and beyond, there's no shortage to their creativity! While we cherish all of their thoughtful gifts, finding ways to display them among the rest of your art and decor can sometimes be tricky. Our resident DIY expert, Sarah Milligan, shows how she takes these precious gifts and turns them into pieces that anyone would be proud to display!

Kids’ Art

Getting hand drawn art on Mother’s Day is very special.  Make them last even longer by framing pieces and incorporating them into your d├ęcor.  There is no shortage of frames out there, so pick the one that best suits your space and the art, but to take it a step further, scan the artwork and upload it to a company like Posterjack and turn it into something entirely new! From printing on wood blocks, metal, acrylic and more, the options are almost endless!


Dried Flowers

Flowers are a great gift on Mother’s Day but they do have a short shelf life.  To extend this, you can dry out your flowers.  You can do this the traditional way by hanging them upside down in a cool, dark place for a couple of weeks, or you can speed it up with silica gel.  You can buy this in the floral section of a craft store.

Simply cover your freshly cut flower in an airtight container and the silica gel will dry it out in a few days.

Fabric Handprint


  • Painted handprint (or trace directly onto fabric)
  • Fabric for hand
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Fabric glue or needle & thread
  • Clothing item


  1. Cut out handprint and trace onto fabric, or trace kid’s hand directly on fabric.  Cut it out.
  2. Place handprint where you’d like it (the inside pocket is a cute idea!).  Glue down with fabric glue, sew with a machine or hand sew.