Buy these types of accessories if you want your home to look expensive

When it comes to our homes, we all want to give off the impression that we have impeccible style, but doing that on a budget can be a serious challenge. Designer Jane Lockhart is showing us how she incorporates expensive-looking decor items without actually breaking the bank. 
Gold Feather, $59.99 at Union Lighting  |  Wrought Iron Mini Climbing Men, $139.99 each at Union Lighting  |  Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace, $549.99 at Canadian Tire  |  Shag Rug, $96 at Home Depot  |  Pillows and Cow Hide Rug from Surya  |  Acrylic Horse Art from Celadon Art, via Jane Lockhart Interior Design  |  Sway Desktop Mobile, $44.95  |  Spikey Gold and Black Orbs, from $44.95 at CB2  | Copper Flatware, $199.95 at CB2  |  Snack Bowls, from $22.95 at CB2  | Gold and Black Pyramids, from $22.95 at CB2  | Chess Set, $150 at Umbra  |  Ribbonwood Clock, $90 at Umbra  |  Gold Waves Mirror, $199 at Pier 1  |  Magino Stool by Karim Rashid, $230 at Umbra  |  Rimwood Clock, $60 at Umbra  |  House Casa Tissue Box cover, $6.00 at Umbra  | Trigg Vase Planter,  $50.00 at Umbra