The three biggest home trends for Spring that are easy to incorporate into almost any space

Modern Pastels

Pastels are a spring staple. Last year it was all about millennial pink everywhere and really watered down pastels – very soft blush tones were used to warm up living rooms and bedrooms – but more recently, we have seen pastels go modern especially when their innate flat-finish is emphasized.

Be bold go all out with your millwork and cabinetry in mint green, ballet pink, or robin’s egg blue. It’s a big investment with a ton of impact! But if it’s too much of a commitment to paint out all of your cabinets….you can start small and paint out an island in a springy paint colour like Sweat Pea from Dulux. If you have an all white kitchen it will bring that fresh modern pastel touch into the space

Pastels can sometimes run too sweet so you want to temper it with Scandinavian style, specifically with black items, which has a pure, pared backed vibe that is all about simple, functional lines, understated elegance, light and honest materials. If you don’t want to punch your pastels with black contrasts, you can still maintain it’s modern sense by just layering solid tones of the pastels. Just remember to keep the colours matte, solid, and minimalistic shapes.

Featured: Light fixture, stools, dinnerware from Ikea  |  Table linens, glassware and rose gold flatware West Elm  |  Vases and placemats EQ3 |  Pink dining chair from Homesense


Last year it was all about the boho look - warm earthy colors and metallics with different patterns mixing together to create an eclectic look but this year things are getting a little more fun and tropical. Havana is all about old-fashioned leisure. Think of the beach, think of cocktail hour, this greenery and warm neutrals, and of course, you can play that havana song in your head over and over to get in to the whole mood!

When it comes to a trend as distinctive as this one, it’s important not to shy away from it. This palm leaf wallpaper is still going strong this year - it's basically considered a classic and the perfect backdrop for this look.

You can use bamboo or wicker furniture but you also pair use light woods (like a dresser with fun pattern inlay) with darker tones like the ones found in the warm muddy chair. It’s all about mixing and matching – don’t be afraid!

Adding in accessories like plants, coloured vases, and gold or copper touches is another great way to play with this trend. Palm print cushions are another great item – you can even repeat the wallpaper pattern – nothing is too much here! But don’t just get a palm-leaf printed cushion and toss it on your sofa. To really hit the trend on the head you have to add many layers.

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Vintage Botanicals

I can’t imagine a spring where florals aren’t a dominant spring trend – but the way we display this trend certainly changes year to year. Last year florals were big large prints in bold punchy colors but this year the botanical look is turning back the clocks a bit; a nod to the vintage florals if I may. Think 50s prints - so more, pinks, oranges, and muted yellows.

With artwork, think more romantic prints or make some yourself by your own pressing leaves. And why not create a gallery wall – don’t be afraid to mix and match frames as long as the subject matter is the same.

Something else influencing this trend is the royal wedding - the cake this year has been allegedly decided to be elderflower lemon, which is a beautifully delicate flower that fits this years botanical trend to the tee!

When you bring in flowers into the home they are such a happy reminder that warmer days are ahead, and brightness and fresh blossoms are all around us. Go for a variety of heights and colors, and if you run out of vases use items like these rose colored vintage glasses from structube.

Go feminine with your accessories with this trend. Pinks and greens have a lovely vintage feel, but they feel fresh when paired with nav.  Add softness with cushions even in the entryway then layer layer layer!

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