How to create the perfect casual atmosphere in your outdoor living space

Summer is the season of weekend barbeques, picnics and outdoor parties! Whether you have a small patio or a big backyard, your outdoor entertaining is about to be taken to the next level. Interior Designers Jonathan Mann and Julia Tuitt showed us how you can create the perfect outdoor oasis just in time for the warm weather!


A big focal point of an outdoor space is the seating area. During the summer, the main reason many people head to the backyard is to relax, unwind and spend quality time with friends and family. Picking the right furniture is an important part of creating the best possible atmosphere! A key factor is to choose pieces that are easy to switch around but are also comfortable. Having the ability to move things as needed is great because you never know when you're going to need more room for activities. 

No outdoor space is complete without a fabulous bar cart! Even if you're not planning on serving alcohol all summer long, a bar cat can be used as a serving surface for meals, desserts or other beverages.


As Canadians, we have a very limited time to enjoy the summer months so having a bit of fun with outdoor decor is a great way to create an inviting and warm space. Keeping a neutral base for cushions and furniture is great but adding in pops of colour will help bring even more life to your outdoor area! Pick out bright or patterned cushions that complement the rest of your furniture. 


After your furniture is set in place and you have a pop or two of colour, it's time to go the extra mile and make sure your guests are wowed by the atmosphere. Creating a memorable experience is an important part of hosting an outdoor party. A few ways you can do this is by adding a fire pit or candles to your space. If this isn't a realistic option for your backyard or patio, you can opt for beautiful string lights to give an equally impressive ambiance. 

If you're planning on having an evening event, put out a basket of cozy blankets that your guests can use when relaxing on your furniture. Have lots of water out and make sure you keep up with weather alerts to ensure things will run smoothly!

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