Three ways to incorporate 2019’s colour of the year into your home

Every year Pantone reveals a colour of the year and official colour for 2019 is "Living Coral." While it may seem like an intimidating colour to incorporate into your home, designer Kasia Waloszczyk has three different colour combinations that will make it your favourite of the year too!

Coral, Navy and Gold

This is a subdued yet rich colour palette, the dark blue really adds depth to the coral and balances it out to give it a sophisticated feel. The gold metal plays off of the gold undertone in the coral colour adding warmth. This is a palette that you can comfortably introduce in your main living space or bedroom. It’s not loud but rather calming and comfortable.

Wall Colour: Dulux Adorable - 1066-4

Coral, Grey and Black

This palette lends itself to a simple style, by removing the blue and pairing it with grey…Its sets off a happy vibe but one that is cooler in the overall appearance. The coral colour injects the warmth while the grey and black tones inject coolness by not being as saturated in warm tones. It’s a great colour palette to introduce a pop of the new Living Coral too – the otherwise monochromatic colour palette is very neutral – one coral object introduced instantly makes it pop.

Wall Colour: Dulux Slate Pebble - 1005-4 

Coral, Teal and Black

The classic yet loud combo. A very saturated coral colour is best complimented by a very saturated teal --- it’s a complimentary duo that works beautifully together for a bright and happy feel. Contrasted by other loud complimentary colour combos such as white and black gives the overall look a modern feel. This is an amazing combination for a nursery where you want to inject brightness to the space.

Top Wall Colour: Dulux Delicate White - 1001-1

Bottom Wall Colour: Dulux Coral Serenade - 1193-5 


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